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Sony‘s PlayStation VR ushered in the birth of virtual reality gaming on consoles in a big way. VR headsets in time past were not only expensive but also required expensive gaming PCs to run them. With the PlayStation VR which is not only cheap than some of its other VR headsets but only requires a PS4 console to run it. The PlayStation VR has been poised has one of the best mainstream virtual reality gadgets you can lay your hands on.

Although it was released about half a year after the HTC Vie and Oculus Rift, the fact that about 50 million PS4 consoles were already sold was definitely an edge and gives it a distinct advantage. The fact that you need not purchase a gaming laptop for a huge amount of money and a high-end headset of similar cost. All you need to do is buy a PlayStation Camera if you do not have one already and then look for a PlayStation Move Controller on top of that to fully experience the enjoyment.

The PlayStation VR costs about $350 dollars which was lesser when it was released, however, to achieve such price compromises were made on the hardware. Although it is not perfect, it is aiming solely for console gamers and undoubtedly it is still a nice PS4 accessory. Since its launch, there has been a very much stronger library with must-have game titles that give you one in a kind gaming experience. In terms of keeping the PS VR accessible and practical Sony has found a good balance. Although it has not gotten to that stage where you just plug and play yet, it is a darn sight easier to put together compared to HTC’s Vive.

To get started, you have to set up your PlayStation Camera first which is sold separately, not an extra like the Move Controller. Then follow the instructions to connect all the needed cables correctly from the processor Unit to the PS4. The most important thing to remember is that this box becomes an intermediary for your HDMIs, One goes from your PS4 to the unit, another from the unit to the TV. There is, however, one small glitch, this affects your TV’s HDR performance so you might want to switch off when you are through with the headset.

The headset will have to be wired to the Processor unit, it is advised to get a longer cable so you will be able to turn around comfortably and power on the PlayStation VR via the in-line controls which also features the mic and volume button. There is still much wiring to do and it is often tricky to make things look neat if you are in no wire in the living room kind of person. The PlayStation Camera has to be mounted on your TV so it can see your face and follows your face using the blue light from the PS VR has the tracking point.

There is no see-through camera but there is a button on the bottom of the headset that allows you to see the what’s going on around you. It has a 5.7-inch 1920 x 1080 OLED display and a hundred degree view which is impressive and with its soon to drop upgrade we can only hope for a better experience.

What is The Current PlayStation VR Price and Availability Status?

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Where to Buy PlayStation VR & Pay On Delivery

Jumia Nigeria

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Jumia Kenya |from Ksh3,530 [eafl id=”15589″ name=”Jumia KE Sony” text=”View Price Offers, Click HERE”]!

Jumia Ghana |from GH159 not available!

Jumia Egypt |from EGP990 [eafl id=”22861″ name=”Jumia EG Sony” text=”View Price Offers, Click HERE”]!

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