Sony made bold to release and updated version of Playstation 4 Pro without making any fanfare of it at all. It is almost something close to Xbox One X. So, call it quiet PS4 version or anything you like.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry reports that the new model runs a few decibels quieter than a previously updated version of Sony which was released in 2017 which itself ran a few decibels quieter than the 2016 model.

Digital Foundry discovered that while testing the new model while playing the game God of War, they found that there were two or three-decibel reduction from the model released last year. What users get in this case is a six to seven decibel noise reduction from the launch model.

It appears that the noise reduction was only possible with the use of a new type of power supply. The new power is able to use standard figure-eight style input that was also seen in the Playstation 4 Slim, Xbox One, and Xbox One X. A three-prong connector will be fine for older Playstation 4 Pros.

According to reports coming from reliable sources, Microsoft’s Xbox One X runs quieter than the new Playstation 4 Pro. However, is making efforts to tighten that gap. It is so good that fans like those at Digital Foundry are calling the quieter model a “discreet living room console.”

In October 2018, Sony announced that the Playstation 4 had gotten more than 85 million sales. There are also a few signs to show that Sony could be preparing for PlayStation 5 when you look at the PlayStation 4 changes.

Those who make frequent use of the game can identify the new version by looking at what’s written at the front of the packaging for the CUH-7200 model before they purchase. In 2017, the updated versions had CUH-7100 printed on the packaging. According to Foundry, the CUH-7200 packaging are meant for UK users who get also get Red Dead Redemption 2 game bundle pack.


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