Sony Xperi 08 1494222153 sonyxperiaxultratocomewith6 4 inchdisplayand219aspectratio4
Sony Xperi 08 1494222153 sonyxperiaxultratocomewith6 4 inchdisplayand219aspectratio4

SONY is about launching a device, the Sony Xperia X Ultra and it is the definition of BIG! But before I delve right into giving details about the upcoming device, let’s look at a very brief evolution of screen sizes on smartphones as it relates to SONY’s upcoming device.

Who remembers the times when 5-inch smartphones were in vogue? Then, if you own one, you were like a king right? Years later came the new king – 5.5-inch smartphones. Devices with such screen size gained wide acceptance and popularity.

Even as a few people complained about 5.5-inch devices being to big for their hands and pockets, their popularity never declined. Afterwards, just when we thought we had seen it all, the 6.0-inch “phablets” came on board. Now, SONY is about starting something new with the Xperia X Ultra.

Sony Xperia X Ultra

The Sony Xperia X Ultra will feature an impressively wide display screen size of 6.45-inch. Care to know another impressive characteristic feature of the Xperia X Ultra? Its “aspect ratio”. The aspect ratio of the Sony Xperia X Ultra is 21:9.

Sony Xperia X Ultra

This device is “longer” and bigger than high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6 which both have aspect ratio of 18:9.

Other features of the Sony Xperia X Ultra

Asides the ultra wide display and aspect ratio, the Sony Xperia X Ultra, according to reports may be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC processor alongside 4GB of RAM. For storage of multimedia files and other documents, an in-built 64GB ROM will be on board.

As for the cameras, a 19MP sensor is present on the rear and a 13MP sensor is upfront for selfies and video calls.

Lastly, the Sony Xperia X Ultra has 4G LTE support. The 3,050mAh battery also lasts long  and charges quickly as a result of the QuickCharge technology on the device. Did I mention that the Sony Xperia X Ultra will be water and dust resistant​? I guess the topic did that already.

You can’t wait for the Sony Xperia X Ultra to launch? We definitely are on the same page. Let’s see how big it can get.

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