SOOCAS launches the S3 electric razor with car suspension damping technology

SOOCAS, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company is widely known for its electric toothbrush models. However, the company has diversified by producing other electronic products like the SOOCAS H3 Anion hair dryer. The latest product from the company is the SOOCAS S3 electric razor, and it is the first electric model by SOOCAS. The major feature which the SOOCAS S3 comes with is the damping technology used in making it which is similar to the car suspension technology. The damping technology should make sure the face is cleanly and smoothly shaved.

The SOOCAS S3 electric razor makes use of SOOCAS’s self-developed SOOCAS IFT-omnidirectional suspension technology. The technology is said to be based on a 360° omnidirectional floating which has the shock absorption suspension located at the upper and lower sides of the cutter head. As a result, the facial pressure is reduced and the shaving process is smoother.

There is also the double-ring knife net design, and the amount of input has increased by 50%. The auxiliary knife lifts the beard at the top first. Next, the main knife will cut off the hair from the base thereby providing a cleaner and thorough shave.

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In terms of design, the SOOCAS S3 electric razor isn’t very different from many other razors in the market. The razor comes with a tough, angular and well-designed body. It features a back curve covered with multi-layer paint which is designed to fit the palm. It also has a push-type switch which adds a brushed concentric texture. The razor is charged using a Type-C data cable and is fully charged in just 60 minutes. When the battery is fully charged, it can last for up to two months depending on the frequency and duration of daily use.

The SOOCAS S3 electric razor has a price tag of $37. However, pre-ordering the device will get you about $7 off. The device will hit the market on April 23rd.

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