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In the world right now, the pandemic called coronavirus is causing things to change. It’s such an interesting time when new and different challenges have arisen. Depending on how you want to spend the time there are various activities one can engage in during this period. Many aren’t working while some are still working remotely. Some other people will take time out to pursue their passion or interest, or read books and garner knowledge. If you’re someone that wants to get in shape or stay in shape, then this is a good time to do so too.

Right now, going to the gym isn’t an option and if you don’t have the right and necessary pieces of equipment, it may prove difficult to workout. Getting the right education about workout can also be an issue, so what do you do? You may think it isn’t possible to get workout done alone, well maybe in the past. With SOTKA, beginners or those wanting to get toned can utilize the app and enjoy its free trial that guides you through the process through 100 days.

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SOTKA was founded in 2013 and it is one of the best workout apps. The app aims at transforming lives through workout and has assisted over 500000 people. SOTKA founder, Auton Kuchumov made it known that the product focus is to make people aware of their bodies through a free educational fitness course and other courses that give people the opportunity to workout without stress.

The app is composed of a 100-days program that guides you, providing you with new information every day. There are three levels from which you can learn namely Basic, Advanced, and Turbo. These levels contain their own set of features.


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It isn’t difficult to be acquainted with the 100-days training program. Efforts have been made in the development of the app to make you get started easily. By selecting the Basic level training plan, you have at your disposal information on the importance of warming up and cooling down. This are advice you should take. You can decide to tap any of the three buttons below the screen: Train, Stretch or Rest buttons depending on what you are to do exactly.

The Basic level training plan gives you an overview of what to expect in the program and you are educated on the 3 main principles for best practices. There are 3 parameters which will be of utmost importance to your progress: The Quality rule which tells you how important the correct form is, the Quantity rule that reveals how consistency can impact your progress, and the Time rule which reminds you of the need to take rest in between circles. All these rules create a personalized fitness program tailored for you.

Syncing function is also available in SOTKA so that you can access your sessions anywhere you are. There are motivation posts that you’ll find in SOTKA for each day to push you towards achieving your goal. There’s also a diary in the app, a tracker that shows your progress and photos so you can see your improvement.

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How to Use the SOTKA Fitness Education App

As a fitness trainer, SOTKA lets you improve your physical conditioning and create a training habit.

  • Firstly, download SOTKA for Android here or SOTKA for iOS here
  • Launch the app, peruse its goals, organizational moments, and FAQs.
  • Input your date such as no. of pull-ups, no. of push-ups, weights squats that you’re capable of doing
  • Upload your photos before the start of the workout
  • Create your account by adding your email, country, gender, and date of birth

Signing up gives you access to the 100-days workout routine.

SOTKA is well equipped and gives you a walkthrough on fitness, educating you, and making a track of your progress. It’s not the most polished app out there, but it is good at what it does. It helps you and holds you accountable until you reach your desired goal. For a gym partner, choose SOTKA.

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