Water Cooling vs Air Cooling
Water Cooling vs Air Cooling

If you happen to be an enthusiast in the PC world, you should know that there are several ways to cool the components that bring your machine to life. Some are simpler, while others are more complex and much more expensive, although they guarantee another performance for your system.

It is basically a machine for those who want the best, but do not want to take the trouble to choose the parts and then assemble everything.

All this got me thinking, why would a user prefer a machine of this kind, instead of a simpler machine, with air cooling or a simple All-in-One cooler like the Kraken X63 or Corsair H100i that we had the opportunity to test in recent months? Well, let’s try to understand with 8 simple steps!

(Special) Water Cooling vs Air Cooling: 10 reasons to prefer water

1. A higher level of thermal efficiency!

In fact, adding water to super expensive technological components seems somewhat counter-productive at first. But the truth is that water does a much more efficient job than any air cooler, due to the fact that it is able to transfer more heat due to its greater thermal conductivity.

That is, if you prefer water cooling, your PC will always be operating at a lower temperature, which will not only allow the machine to run longer but also opens the door to a lot of OC potential! (Which is already the next point)

2. If you really want to Overclock, this is the best solution

Very basically, if the system will operate at a relatively lower temperature, it will have more potential to increase frequencies. As a result, you will have access to a new world of performance.

3. Less noise

This depends a little on the toilet system you decide to use, even so, in most cases, if you hate the noise of your PC fans, then this may even be the way to go. All due to the fact that it is not necessary to take the radiator fans to extreme speed levels, because the water will do the vast majority of the heat dispersion work.

4. In addition to keeping temperatures lower, you are able to do this for longer

Electronic devices love to stay warm, which, of course, ruins their performance because it requires a decrease in their frequencies. That said, an air-cooled PC will use the available air around it to cool the machine. There are some sudden increases in fan speed when pulling a little more by the PC. All in order to try to get more fresh air into the box. In a decent toilet system, this will not happen, as it is possible to withstand the lowest temperature for longer.

5. Space used

Again, this will depend on the cooling system used. Still, in most cases, a toilet system will take up less space than a top air cooler.

6. You can use the same system for the CPU but also for the graphics card

It’s not just the CPU that works and heats up! Nowadays, the graphics card is able to heat up much more than your PC’s processor. It is also one of the most important components when you want to play titles of great graphic quality. So isn’t it a good idea to offer good cooling to get more SPF out?

7. Do you live in a hot climate? Water Cooling is superior!

If you live in a hot climate, pulling hot air into your PC case may not be the best idea ever. This is where toilet systems come in.

8. It looks just fantastic!

This last field will depend on your taste and the system you choose to use. But a good refrigerated set up with a customized water system is soon another level.


If you want to take all the drops out of your machine’s performance, this type of cooling system is the way to go for you. However, its installation can be a little complicated if you have never experienced anything like this. Here it is always a good idea to ask for professional help or buy a machine already assembled like the Liquid Tiamat that we show in the photos of this article.

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