Nokia Camera
Nokia Camera

Nowadays, any modern smartphone, even mid-range or low-range, has at least 3 sensors on the rear camera module.

However, saying ‘sensor’ doesn’t make a lot of sense, because each of these sensors gives life to a camera completely independent of all the others. At the end of the cable, we have the image sensor, lens, and focus mechanism.

Ok… But why so much camera? Does this offer even more image quality?

(Special) Why do we have so many cameras on smartphones?

As you can imagine, everything depends on the cameras used. That is, having more cameras is not immediately equal to having better photographic quality. In fact, it may even result in an image far below what a single camera would be capable of producing.

But let’s look for a very interesting example, which is not as old as that. Do you still remember Nokia Pureview 9 (picture above)? A very strange machine with a camera configuration that looks more like the 7 crystal balls of the popular Anime Dragon Ball.

Well, this configuration of cameras is strange not only due to the design. But also due to the fact that all lenses are almost the same. Because?

Well, first of all, as the sensors are very small, and therefore, they are not able to offer image quality out there, Nokia has thought of a ‘simple’ solution. 

Which one? Capture the same image five times, with the 5 cameras, which are subsequently processed to create just one photograph that in theory should be far superior to what each individual camera would be able to offer the user.

Seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Well, because it can be a really good strategy, especially if the algorithm can produce good results. Something that was not the case with this Nokia Pureview 9… Thanks a lot to the use of cheap cameras, and the processor unable to process all the captured information.

Note 20 Ultra 2
Note 20 Ultra 2

That is, the idea is good! Now being used by all major manufacturers on the market!  As is the example of the latest tops in the market, such as the P40 Pro, S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, etc … Which, unlike Nokia Pureview 9, already have processors capable of processing all information! And of course, cameras far superior to Nokia’s ‘5 crystal balls’.

In short, how it is completely impossible to put a large sensor in a modern mobile phone. Or a lens worthy of a Canon or professional Nikkon. The manufacturers decided to choose to increase the number of cameras on the back of their smartphones.

It is an effort that continues to evolve over time, but is undeniably capable of producing extraordinary photographs! As is the example of the P40 Pro +, which impressed me strongly and ugly during the analysis.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us!

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