Donald Trump on Huawei Ban
Donald Trump on Huawei Ban

Will Huawei survive in a world without Google? Not in the short term! But in the medium / long term? I’m sure it will! – Incidentally, it is likely that Huawei will move from an esteemed ally of the giant Google, to be a huge headache in the very near future. It is that despite a lot of contradictory information on this subject, it is obvious that Huawei has been developing its own operating system, and in fact, it is not doing it alone, by allowing several Chinese rivals to join the project (Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc…).

And of course, if these smartphone giants happen to come together, and leave the Google Universe at once, it is very likely that the world of mobile phones will change a lot in the near future, Which, in fact, doesn’t seem like a bad idea for the end consumer. After all, we have been living in an Apple / Google duopoly for too long, I want to see competition for things to start evolving strong and ugly again. But let’s get back to the Huawei issue …

(Special) Will Huawei survive in a world without Google?

Very briefly, Huawei will not give up without a fight! (Has proven this in the past few months)

In fact, in my opinion, the worst part has passed to the manufacturer, after all the uncertainty that the launch of the Mate 30 Pro had, arriving late in many European markets. After all, even without Google, this smartphone was undoubtedly one of the best devices I had the pleasure of using in 2019 and 2020. (And that is saying a lot, when I tested S10 +, Note 10+, ROG Phone 2, P30 Pro, among others…)

Having said all this, so I have had the opportunity to think about this subject for a very long time. But the conclusion is always the same. Yes… Huawei is going to suffer… But in the end, I think who’s going to screw is Google and Donald Trump.


Could any other smartphone manufacturer have survived the same attack as Huawei?

In fact, I think that not even the Chinese Xiaomi or Oppo could cope with all this ‘beating’ of recent times. An irrefutable proof of Huawei’s resilience. But first of all, I think these are the points to keep in mind:

Does Huawei have enough resources to create its own platform and key applications?

  • Without a doubt, yes! The company immediately realized that it was going to experience difficulties (despite several gross mistakes that I have already pointed out in other articles), and for that reason, it soon moved on with many millions to create its own ecosystem.

Do Huawei and China have enough (quality) developers to create an alternative to the Play Store?

  • Once again, without a doubt, yes! In fact, if Huawei is smart, it will give a higher percentage to developers from outside, to call them to their domain. It may take some time, but Huawei’s services and applications will grow a lot in the near future.

When Trump disappears, will Huawei be stronger? (Or even with Trump still in power)

  • If Huawei does not make mistakes on its own platform, especially in the field of security and private data. The company will maintain or make its position even stronger.

In short, this unprecedented attack by Donald Trump may well be a shot in the foot.

Incidentally, it can be a shot in the foot of Trump, at the same time that the pistol jumps and gives another shot in the foot of Google. After all, if by chance the services of Huawei (HMS) start to gain some traction in the market, and the manufacturer gets a version of Android fast and with enough features to please the vast majority of consumers… All this combined with the spectacular design that the brand continues to get on their smartphones (look at Mate 30 Pro!), so I predict serious problems in the Google world.

Yes, Huawei will continue to bet on Android (AOSP), as it is an Open Source platform, which anyone can take and make their own operating system. The only problem here is Google’s services. But if Huawei manages to create its own platform, similar or better than Google’s own, things will take a serious turn. Having said all that, I hope this happens quickly, I want a serious shock in the world of smartphones to shake the market and bring back the much-needed innovation and rivalry.

Interestingly, if Huawei succeeds in this adventure, and starts making serious money from its own Ecosystem. I bet what you want here, as we will also see Samsung exploring new opportunities. After all, in the past, the South Korean giant has already planned to abandon the Google Universe to bet on SO Tizen. That is, if Google thinks that Samsung will be its main racehorse in this world, it is likely that the horse will run away very quickly to create its own stable.

(Special) Will Huawei survive in a world without Google? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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