Spotify tests Premium Duo as an alternative to family plan

Spotify's two-person plan is a middle ground for individual and family options

Spotify counts today with two types of signatures: individual and family, aimed at up to six people. The third can be the Premium Duo, which is being tested with users in Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland.

As its name already indicates, it allows two people to have access to the streaming service for a lower value than two separate signatures or the family plan. In Europe, the new plan of Spotify is offered for 12.49 euros.

It comes as a compromise between the two options already offered by the platform. There, individual signatures cost 9.99 euros and family members, 14.99 euros – in Brazil, they go for R $ 16.90 and R $ 26.90, respectively.

In addition to the price, Spotify includes another benefit to Premium Duo subscribers. This is the Duo Mix, a playlist created by its algorithm, as well as what happens with Discoveries of the Week and Daily Mix, for example.

Duo Mix brings together songs based on the preferences of the two people. It can filter more agitated or slower songs, as well as hide tracks with explicit language. The plan also allows you to share the entire library with the other person, even though the accounts are separate.

Just like on a family level, the Premium Duo requires that both users live in the same place. When the first person registers, the platform asks for data as an address. Then, upon receiving the invitation, the second person needs to confirm the location.

Spotify has not revealed when (and if) it intends to take the Premium Duo to other countries. “We routinely run multiple programs and pilots to improve our user experience, which can pave the way for broader changes to our products or just give us meaningful learning,” a company spokesman said.

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