Spyra One the water gun that will reign next summer
Spyra One the water gun that will reign next summer

One of the funniest things we did as children were the water pistol wars. Gathering with your friends in the park to face a fight to the death with these toy weapons, some were armed even with water balloons, was a guarantee of hours of fun. And now, after knowing Spyra One, a water gun for the most techies, it is most likely that we will meet again with our colleagues to confront us again.

Spyra One looks like a normal water gun, but it has some really interesting details. Already in the images, you can see that this water pistol has a very attractive design that reminds us of a futuristic game. But when you look at the technical characteristics of this rifle, because pistol has rather little, you are going to hallucinate. Yes, it will cost 115 euros to change when it reaches the market, but it will be worth your purchase.

Technical characteristics of Spyra One, the water pistol of the future

To begin with, this water pistol does not trigger the typical water current but is capable of throwing bursts of “water bullets” with an absurdly funny precision: it reaches without problems the 8 meters distance. The trick so that the reach of this water gun is so incredible comes with the fact that  Spyra One has an integrated pump that allows us to fill the tank of this fun weapon in a pool, a bucket of water or any other source of water in 14 seconds.

The good thing is that the same pump is responsible for keeping the tank pressurized so you can spray water without a problem. The best? That has a digital ammo counter that makes this water gun is the geekiest gadget we can have. Do you want more details? Well just tell you that the Spyra One also has a rechargeable battery with 45 cycles of shots to automate our bursts with the intention of achieving maximum accuracy and death in the battles with friends.

And how do you charge this water gun? through its USB port Type C. That yes, the weapon has had a resounding success in Kickstarter, where he has obtained at the time we wrote these lines a total of 338,000 dollars of the 51,000 that they asked for, but it is ridiculously expensive. Currently, it costs 115 euros to change and will not start sending units until next August 2019. Of course, taking into account the characteristics of this water gun, even its price is not so exorbitant, do not you think?

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