Apple Pay Final
Apple Pay Final

A little taste we had a few days ago, with the compatibility of the latest iPhone with YubiKey NEO, a physical key for secure authentication, but starting from iOS 12 we could finally see the complete opening of the NFC module integrated into the smartphone of Apple.

Introduced for the first time since iPhone 6, Cupertino’s smartphone NFC module has so far been limited in its potential almost exclusively to Apple Pay, the mobile payment system that owns the Californian colossus. According to the latest rumors, however, the future version of iOS could include the possibility for third-party vendors to take advantage of NFC for many more applications.

From access to an office through its own credentials, with an unambiguous key to hotel rooms or homes, the use of NFC would provide a new safe and reliable method for authentication in a variety of contexts, having already counted on a huge pool of potential users. Apple would need to include new and special APIs in the iOS SDK and who knows that an official announcement can not arrive during the WWDC, which will be held next month.

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