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Farmnga logo

Farmnga is an online marketplace for farmers in Nigeria

The agricultural sector in Nigeria has always faced a problem which centred around getting products to the hands of consumers. This is especially on the little scale and mid-scale farmers in the country. They...
Investments in startups

Top 5 Nigerian institutions that should invest in tech startups, but are not

It is very disheartening to a large extent that some institutions in our country which form a significant part of it too, are not living or performing up to their expectations as they are...

With LawStrive, the legal needs of Nigerians are taken care of

To be fair, I'd say that in Nigeria, one of the minute problems we face is acquiring the service of a lawyer, which is particularly the case for the average citizen. Getting the service...

You want bonuses for shopping online? Try LoyalBonus

Maybe because of the particular nature of Nigerians who are in love with anything that is free, some have decided to key into this and have birthed LoyalBonus. I wouldn't classify that as a...

When is it too early for your tech startup to raise too much funds?

"Some companies are too early in a market. This happens often, and the most common scenario where it would happen is where an idea that is working in an advanced market is transplanted to...
Do you own a successful startup?

5 indicators that you own a successful tech startup

At the time when you become a tech startup founder, and have finally launched your startup, your hope and prayer would surely be to succeed at what you do. You would work day and...
Mobile cold room logo

Mobile cold room, Nigeria’s online frozen food vendor and supplier

Truth be told, i am not alien to the struggles of our mothers and sisters visiting different cold room stores to find the most affordable and cheapest frozen foods (fish, chicken) and so on....
Nasir Yammama, Founder Verdant AgricTech tech startup

The Nigerian tech startup founders that made Forbes ’30 under 30′ list

So the Forbes '30 under 30' list, 2017 has now been released and as you would expect, Nigeria, despite all the odds have some representation. Basically, there are five Nigerians that made the list,...
quotes by Nigerian startup founders to guide you

Top 10+ quotes by Nigerian startup founders to guide you

As startup founders, or emerging ones, it is important that we draw inspirations and guidance from the activities and words of other very successful founders. As a result of this, I have decided to...
when should your startup reach profitability

Factors that affect your tech startup’s finances + when should it reach profitability?

Sometimes, you would think that what is even the use of having a tech startup that is not bringing in profit to you. I'd say it is of no use. This is because as...