Steam design is changing! What will be renewed?

The rumors that have been around for a long time have finally come true. Steam design is changing. Changing the design of the game library, Steam will continue to innovate.

What does the new Steam design bring?

Steam, which continues its life with the same design language for years, is not unrivaled today. The company wants to strengthen its hand against Epic Store and Google Stadia. This was done first by switching to a more user-friendly design. Valve did not want to spoil the habit of existing users, so he chose to keep the game column constant.

With the new Steam design, players will be able to communicate faster with each other. Friends list will be included on the screen of the library. Online players will be able to see each other easily. Also, the games played by the user are also displayed in a row. Updates and important explanations of the games are shared here instantly.

The labeling feature is now available on Steam. You can now search for the games you want to play with the label. When you type the type of game you want, you will see all the games in that category.

Soon the Events feature seems to take its place on Steam. Here, you will be able to follow the innovations and events in the game you are going to play.

There is no official statement from the company front when this major update will take place. However, I have to say that it has to move a little faster to compete.

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