corona 1392x926 1 scaled
corona 1392x926 1 scaled

It is no secret that Coronavirus is an epidemic that originated in China and is slowly spreading to the whole world. There are already confirmed cases so far in few other countries. Now there is information that we really need to pass on. Running out of masks and the like makes no sense. They do not, in fact, prevent Coronavirus at all!

A person who is not infected with the virus does not become less vulnerable just by wearing a mask. After all, masks should only be applied to people already infected with this epidemic. So that the virus is less likely to spread.

In fact, even in the United States, the health department asks the population that is not affected by this virus to immediately stop buying masks!

The rush of several people to the various pharmacies and stores to buy the masks has led to the Stock of the product suffering some shortage problems, and not even the medical teams have enough masks to carry out their work.

That said, we know that the US Department of Health’s appeal advises people to take other types of protective measures to prevent the Coronavirus. For example, wash your hands very regularly, and avoid completely scratching your face, but especially your eyes with your hands.

So if you happen to be one of those healthy people who spend all their money on masks due to the fear of catching Coronavirus, just stop. So, follow the aforementioned municipalities that will certainly make a lot more of a difference.

On the other hand, if you happen to feel that you have a cold and the symptoms of the epidemic, then you should buy a mask and wear it whenever you go. Preventing the virus from spreading further.

It is that when the masks are exhausted you are harming people who need them for other, much more valid reasons.

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