Xbox Series S Vs Xbox Series X
Xbox Series S Vs Xbox Series X

Limited amount of RAM for the Xbox Series S – Microsoft finally revealed the price of its consoles last Thursday, with many eyes on the Xbox Series S, the less powerful sister of the more expensive € 499 Xbox Series X.

However, in case you don’t remember, more than a year ago, we had several rumors/leaks stating that the new generation low-cost console would be canceled… All because the studios were not finding much fun in the gym they would have to do to launch new generation games for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, while the Xbox Series S would be nothing but a dead weight.

That is, the studios did not want an Xbox Series S on the market, due to all the limitations that this would bring to the table.

Studios regret the limited amount of RAM on the Xbox Series S

Therefore, the Xbox Series S is a machine designed for those who still play at 1080p or want to try the new games at 1440p. That said, it is a console that will cost 299 euros and could be seen as a good way to advance the generation and keep the Xbox Game Pass as a focus. After all, it has a lot of Series X technology! However, its lower power may pose some problems for the studios.

So, after Remedy and Infinity Ward officials commented that the Xbox Series S could mean optimization problems. We now have Axel Gneiting from id Software commenting on what Microsoft’s less powerful console could mean for studios.

“I am really upset about this RAM situation in the S Series. This is not easy to compensate for and drags the base specs for next generation multiplatform games quite a bit. The increase in RAM was already small, compared to the previous generation, now it is practically nonexistent.”

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