smartphone use on the road
smartphone use on the road

Insurers have reportedly claimed that the number of traffic accidents in the United States is on the rise. This upsurge in automobile accidents have in turn led to the simultaneous increase in auto-insurance rates.

This trend, according to research has its origin, in significant part, to the widespread and increasing habitual simultaneous use of smartphones behind the wheel.

U.S. auto insurer State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., reports that; “36% of all people the company surveyed in 2015 admitted to texting behind the wheel, while 29% didn’t hide that they have browsed the web while driving – an alarming increase over numbers from previous surveys.”

Quite interesting is also the fact that the survey by State Farm has caught the interest of more people over the year. “The overall number of smartphone owners taking part in State Farm’s surveys has also increased substantially over the last years – from 52% in 2011 to 88% in 2015.”, State Farm says.

Despite the research study by State Farm, the link between distracted drivers on the road, increased and widespread smartphone usage, and the rising numbers of traffic accidents is yet to be fully fathomed. Researchers believe that the scope of the problem is way bigger than it is viewed to be. Why? Because a large percentage of the drivers involved in these traffic accidents rarely admit to behind-the-wheel phone use.

Nevertheless, there still exist, many other factors that may be affecting the alarming trend. Lower gas prices, the present day status of the United States economic amongst others have resulted to a higher number of drivers on the road. More drivers, more accidents. (Especially when these drivers aren’t well-trained and experienced enough). Quite simple and not so logical.

On a concluding note, to the average American citizen and pedestrian, America’s drivers are gradually becoming reasons to be more careful each time one steps out. Their recklessness behind the wheels is also giving insurance companies a hard time as insurers struggle to keep up, leaving them no choice but to hike automobile insurance rates.

Do you use your smartphone while driving? Perhaps now’s the time to stop.

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