Swiftkey gets new update


Microsoft who has been notoriously known for adding their services to any newly purchased application and software as a form of company integration did not go that way when it purchased android keyboard app Swiftkey much to the surprise of everyone. For some reason, Microsoft had deemed it not a good idea to incorporate Bing as the search engine for its newly purchased Keyboard application at the time.

However, it seems that is going to change as the new update Microsoft has found a way to incorporate searchability without compromising and getting in the way of the user's experience. The new update allows users to search for anything without leaving the Swift Key. The latest version which features a dedicated Bing button allows users to search directly from the keyboard without having to leave it.  The new feature also allows users to capture, crop, send a screenshot and share the URL.

While this is the most important change that has been brought to the app in this update, there is also a slew of other feature which might of a great interest and importance to many other Swiftkey users. They are listed below.

  • A new Arabic layout
  • Jawi script layout for Malay
  • A new Pinyin 12 key layout
  • Users are now able to type in : msa_MY: Malay (Jawi)

The ability to search in the keyboard is one that has been available to Gboard users who have been able to use the feature for quite a while now. However, it is a highly welcomed development for Swiftkey users who we are sure will be very pleased that the feature is also coming to them regardless of the lateness of arrival.

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The Swiftkey app is a keyboard app which aside comes with prediction, smiley and swipe feature which allows users to type by moving their fingers across the letters is one of the best Android keyboards available on play store and is only 19mb in size.

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