That fast charging is the best invention in the world in terms of batteries is a fact. In the absence of greater capacity and duration of batteries, fast charging technology on our devices is a delight. However, and like everything else in life, it also has a series of drawbacks. That is why today we will teach you how to take care of your battery from the problems of fast charging.

And is that while fast loading can be a great advantage if what we seek is to speed up charging times, it also can negatively affect our smartphone if we abuse it. Read on to know all the problems and how you can avoid them.

Fast charging your smartphone is not as good as you thought

Exactly, and the explanation is purely scientific. The only way to speed up charging on a battery-powered device is to increase the voltage and amperage of the device so that it receives more power. However, due to the overheating that this causes in most batteries, companies tend only to increase the voltage, reducing the amperage to avoid reaching extreme temperatures.

That’s what the theory says, but the reality is that our batteries tend to overheat when we charge our smartphone with fast charge. And like all the excesses in the electronic components, these tend to reduce their useful life. We already see it in the processors and graphics of computers, and it happens in the same way with batteries. So, it is recommended that you follow these tips to avoid most of the problems of fast charging.

Do not abuse fast charging

If you do not have the urgent need to charge your smartphone or tablet quickly, do not do it (for the reasons mentioned above). This method is only recommended when we need to have our device as soon as possible, either by a trip of unforeseen or an immediate departure.

Keep your device at a good temperature

In the case that you are charging your device by fast charging, make sure you have it in a place with relatively normal temperatures (between 25º and 30º). If at the temperature reached by our battery at the time of charging it quickly we add the ambient temperature, the result can be disastrous in the long run. And is that the overheating of it not only affects the battery itself, but also the other components.

Monitor the status of chargers and cables

And we do not refer only to the physical state of them. Most chargers tend to “suffer” the voltage and amperage increases of the fast charges. That is why they reach temperatures much higher than desirable, so it is advisable to monitor their condition, as well as the cable that accompanies it. Bad maintenance can cause short circuits or fires by excesses of temperature (as seen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7).

In short, if you can avoid using the fast charge to charge your devices, the better. These usually cause a rapid deterioration of the batteries and therefore, the duration of them. However, if you follow these tips, you can extend your life a little longer.


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