Patents China 1
Patents China 1

Information is in now that Chinese companies are increasing the number of tech patents awarded in the United States. This is coming in moments when alleged IP theft features in US/China trade war.

As we learned, only China was able to increase the number of technology patents they were awarded in the US in 2018. The information was made known in an analysis published today.

Further, the figures released highlight China’s growing technical prowess at the period when relationships between US and China were tense. The tensions came up due to allege intellectual property from American companies by Chinese groups or individuals.

More than that, China is even poised to overtake Germany in terms of the official US recognition for its companies’ IP advances. In 202, there could be what tech experts call a “crossover.”

This massive and quick growth reflects a shift in the Chinese technology development model that has been moving up in the recent years. Huawei primarily has been taking a good lead in this, building up their infrastructure in internal research and development and looking to expand into global markets.

As was seen, there were 12,589 patents Chinese companies acquired last year and it represented only 4 percent of all those issued in the US. A case in point is that of IBM which got awarded up to 9,100 patents in 2018. In view of this, the company maintained a lead over other companies consecutively for 26 years. The company plans to stay at the top of the US rankings for years to come.

The Chinese IP push has been championed by tech company Huawei. The company has faced severe criticism in Washington. Huawei’s political enemies believe that the company represents a big national security risk. However, there are those who believe that this nothing short of a witch-hunt that is utilized to block China from taking the lead in neo tech developments. The biggest of all these is the 5G wireless internet connection.

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