Teclast F7 Notebook Display 758x417
Teclast F7 Notebook Display 758x417

The Asian brand Teclast continues to advance in its philosophy of developing good quality products at a very good price, basic thinking that is shared in much of the Chinese market, and this year seems to be no exception with the launch of the Teclast F7 Notebook, older brother of the Teclast F6 PRO, success in sales of which shares some interesting details, but also differences that make the difference in the Teclast F7, we will talk about it today.

Teclast F7 Notebook: Design, Materials and Construction

The design of the Teclast F7 is quite similar to that of his younger brother, the F6 PRO, the finish is made of metal/aluminum of tremendous quality accompanied by a polycarbonate design in silver, its design is slim and its weight of 1.39 kg It shows how light this Notebook is, a very smooth design, the Teclast F7 has no sharp corners or anything rough in its finish, cleanliness, and delicacy is what this design expresses.

Its dimensions of 31.5 x 20.8 centimeters make it very practical when transporting it, if you depend on your Notebook for your day to day, this is a positive point, and on each side, we can find 2 USB 3.0 ports, a 3.5 mm connector and an HDMI mini port.

Teclast F7 Notebook: Screen

The display of the Teclast F7 is 14 inches, Full HD with antireflection technology, which allows you to enjoy a good visual experience even in sunny environments, the pixel density is 156 ppi, which is not bad, although it could be improved.

Teclast F7 Notebook: Hardware & Performance.

This is where the Teclast F7 and the Teclast F6 PRO differ, the F7 has a microchip of 4 Intel Celeron N3450 cores ranging from 1.10 GHz to 2.20 GHz and 6GB of RAM. Noticing that the Notebook does not have a dedicated graphics card and that it relies solely on its graphics controller Intel HD Graphics 500, we can see that the device is definitely not made for games that require powerful graphics, even so, HD videos and the oldest games are enjoyed pleasantly.

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Its Li-Po battery is long-lasting, its capacity is 4900 mAh, which allows its endurance for about 7 hours of use, and this is not bad, also, it recharges in about 3 and a half hours. And at the time of possible battery failure in your Teclast F7, you can remove it, yes, but not before opening the laptop, even so, it could be useful at some point.

If we go to storage, the memory is 64 GB, which is expandable to 128 GB via micro SD cards or up to 256 GB using SSD disks, and although it seems a significant detail, the real detail is the good performance of the SSD drives in the F7.

Teclast F7 Notebook; Connectivity

2 USB 3.0 inputs is the first thing to highlight, then we could observe the HDMI mini input, with which you can enjoy to the maximum if connecting the laptop to the TV is part of your routine, whether to watch movies in high definition, enjoy from your playlist of music, or to use TV as an extra monitor, the possibilities are at your fingertips; It has a 3.5 mm connector for headphones, and a 2 MP camera with its digital microphone for communications and its wireless connections are good hand, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 aC.

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Teclast F7 Notebook; OS

The Teclast F7 comes with the 64-bit Windows 10 operating system with an activated license. However, it is only pre-installed in English and Chinese, after installing the relevant updates, you can install other language packages.

Teclast F7: Specification Table

Type of screen:IPS
Screen size:14.1 inches
Screen resolution:1920 x 1080 Pixels 156 ppi with Radio 16: 9
Dimensions31.50 x 20.85 x 1.50 cm
Weight1.39 kilos
CPU:Intel Celeron N3450
Cores:4 1.1 GHz cores that go up to 2.2 GHz
GPUIntel HD Graphics 500
External memory:128 GB expandable with Micro SD and 256 GB expandable with SSD
Wireless connectivityWi-Fi: 802.11 aC, Bluetooth 4.0
Interfaces3.5 mm audio port, 2 USB 3.0 ports..
Front camera:2.0 MP
Battery Capacity4,900 mAh
YOU Windows 10 64 bits, English / Chinese language modifiable.

Teclast F7 Notebook; Pros and cons


    • Soft design
    • Mini HDMI port.


  • Without reversible USB port type C.

Teclast F7 Notebook; Last conclusions

The Teclast F7   is a good bet, either for its aesthetics, for its good visual performance or for its excellent price which we will talk about in a few moments, if you need a partner for your day-to-day tasks, that opens Excel in 1 second and That is multitasking, this device is for you. Although if your thing is competition, production or creation using your laptop as a platform, perhaps you should consider other options with more powerful features.

Teclast F7 Notebook: Availability and price

The Teclast F7 Notebook is available on  Gearbest online store at $ 374.09 (€ 303). To make the shopping experience easier and more comfortable, below we leave the links to these stores. For more relevant content and the most innovative.


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