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In just 3 weeks, Tecno announced three different smartphones, the Tecno Camon C5, Tecno Camon C8 and now Tecno Boom J5. The new Tecno Boom J5 is no way an upgrade to its predecessor – Tecno Boom J7. The only difference is that the J5 runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System while the J7 runs the Android KitKat.

The Tecno Boom J5  smartphone boasts of awesome features and has been designed for music lovers who love to listen to great sound quality at all times. It runs on the android operating system that comes with pre-installed apps and Play store where you can download more. The Tecno Boom J5 is powered by a 1.3GHz Quad-core Cortex processor that delivers seamless operation of various applications at the same time. It sports an 5MP primary camera plus LED flash light for pictures with great quality. It also has a 2MP secondary camera for taking decent selfies and making video calls. The Tecno Boom J5 features a 4.5 inch full HD capacitive touchscreen

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Where to Buy Tecno Boom J5

Buy from Jumia
Trusted Store
Trusted Store

While other smartphone companies are busy coming up with killer devices, Tecno keeps disappointing its users with repetition of same Smartphone with a little differences either in battery life, OS, screen size or camera. The Battery on the Tecno J5 is not something to write home about – it comes with 1950mAh battery capacity when some latest Smartphones in market are coming with a 3000mAh battery capacity or even higher.

READ ALSO: Tecno Boom J5 With Awesome Specs & Price

Tecno Boom J5 Key Specs

Model:                         Tecno Boom J5
Feature(s):                   Double power amplifiers
Operating System:      Android 5.1, Lollipop
Color:                          Black, White
Internal Memory:‎        16 GB
RAM:                          1 GB RAM
Processor:                    1.3GHz Quad-core
Display Size :              4.5 inches
Front Camera:             2 MP
Back Camera:              5 MP
Battery:                       1950 mAh Capacity
Price:                           N19,200

Tecno! We don’t think this is worth it. We need a killer device and not just a smartphone with little or no upgrade my grandmamma can’t vouch for. And when are other devices getting Lollipop update?

Where to Buy Tecno Boom J5

Buy from Jumia
Trusted Store
Trusted Store

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  1. Hi! Am charles from kenya. I havent bought any other make apart from tecno mobiles,tecno company is doing a great job in new inventories bravo tecno lead and others follow.please how much is tecno j 5 in kenyan market?.

  2. but the camera on the Cammon C8 is a lot of upgrade. The picture quality appears to be better than iPhone 6 from what I hear. Isn’t that improvement enough?

  3. i love how Tecno phones are cheap but i do agree they need to make better improvements. If they can do that and still keep their current price range, that will be fantastic. But I seriously doubt that

  4. I think if you look at the time spaces between each devices, it explains a lot about the little upgrades you talk about. Because of that I just think they want to provide different price ranges to different people. Also because companies with the killer devices you describe usually have leave between 9-12 months between new devices

    • Yep, The C5 is for the Kenyan market. It comes with a 2500mAh battery while the C8 for Nigeria comes with 3000mAh battery capacity.

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