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IMG 20170614 004906 105

TECNO Mobile has released a new device off the “DroidPad 7” tablet series. Last year, it was the TECNO DroidPad 7C. This year however, the TECNO DroidPad 7D is what we would have. The DroidPad 7C has an Android Lollipop operating system, sub-par front and back cameras and a large 3,000mAh battery.

Will the TECNO DroidPad 7D be better off the DroidPad 7C? If yes, by how much. Read on and find out below.


tecno droidpad 7d

The TECNO DroidPad 7D is a 7-inch beauty. Being a budget tablet, the design is not all premium – TECNO decides to adorn the DroidPad 7D with a design that is as simple as its price (perhaps). However, the Kevlar back is something to love about the design. The black diagonal lines following a pattern as seen on the DroidPad 7D’s back cover is one thing I love about the device’s aesthetic.

tecno droidpad 7d

Made of Polycarbonate, the TECNO DroidPad 7D still manages to level the beauty of some premium metal-body devices. Great one from TECNO on the design of this tablet.

tecno droidpad 7d

The 7-inch display is an IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 600 x 1024 pixels. The display resolution is quite sub-par and below the colloquially set standard resolution of 720p. The screen is devoid of Corning Gorilla Glass so you will have to manually protect the display of the TECNO DroidPad 7D by purchasing a screen protector.


The processing unit on the TECNO DroidPad 7D is a MediaTek QuadCore MT8321D processor with a clock speed of 1.3GHz. The Android Nougat​ v7.0 on this device will bring the tablet experience to a whole new level. Oh, and by the way, the TECNO DroidPad 7D is the first TECNO tablet to run on the Android Nougat OS.

To efficiently run applications, a rather small 1GB RAM is provided to handle the task. One thing I can’t really boast of is if the DroidPad 7D will multitask without lagging or heating up during usage due to the RAM size. Nevertheless, the 16GB internal memory is large enough for a budget tablet. But just in case you run out of space, there’s a micro SD card slot which can take an external storage capacity of up to 128GB. I call this the “Freedom of Expansion”.


Unlike the predecessing DroidPad 7C that had a poor 2MP and 0.3MP camera combination on the front and back, the DroidPad 7D has tasted improvements in this department.

A 5MP camera with LED flashlight is situated at the top right corner of this tablet. The front 2MP camera also boasts of a LED flash for properly lighted and clear image production.


The TECNO DroidPad​ 7D comes out-of-the-box with a 3,000mAh battery; same as its predecessor. A little bit of upgrade to either 3,500mAh or 4,00mAh would have made more sense here.

There is no information about the DroidPad 7D having a Quick charge or Flash Charge feature but there is an on-board Power Manager that ensures efficient utilization of battery juice.

Additional​ features

Kid Zone

tecno droidpad 7d

On the DroidPad 7D, there is a Kid Zone which gives parents sovereign authority to control the contents their kids are exposed to on the tablet and also the time at which they use the device.

At night, there is an eye-protection mode that automatically comes on and it gives out alarms to alert parents that their kids are reading or using the tablet in bed.


*. Display Size: 7.0-inch IPS LCD display

*. Screen Resolution: 600 x 1024 pixels

*. Battery: 3000mAh

*. Camera: 2MP front and 5MP rear (both with LED flash)

*. OS: Android v7.0 Nougat

*. Memory: 16GB internal memory, 128GB of microSD card slot

*. RAM: 1GB

*. Price: N33,000

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