Telegram 4.2
Telegram 4.2 Update

Telegram is arguably one of the best instant messaging apps both on the Android and iOS platform. The instant messaging app possesses pioneering features like large group sizes (up to 10,000 members), pin chat feature, end-to-end encryption among others.

Telegram 4.2

Telegram’s latest update (Telegram 4.2) comes with the new and amazing features that we will be highlighting below;

Disappearing photos and videos

This is the biggest addition in this latest v4.2 update. On the new Telegram app, you can send photos and vidoes that are self-destructing in a one-on-one chat or conversation. That’s not all. In addition, you get to customize the experience. How? Upon sending a photo or video, you can set a self-destruct timer which begins to count immediately the recipient opens the photo or video.

It still doesn’t end there either. If the recipient of the photo or video you sent takes a screenshot, Telegram will notify you of such action immediately within the app.

The photo and video self-destructing feature is however not available for group chats at the moment, solely one-on-one chats and conversations.

Improved Photo editor

The second major highlight in the update is the improved photo editor which allows for quicker and better image editing.

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Other features

Other minor updates in the new Telegram 4.2 update include;

  • An option to add a bio to your profile (just like on Twitter)
  • Quicker downloads of media from public channels due to new encrypted CDNs.

These new features in the new Telegram update are one we are yet to witness on any other instant messaging application. Telegram just keeps churning out new features that pioneers which others follow.

It is worth stating that Telegram was the first instant messaging app that introduced the end-to-end encryption feature before other instant messengers like WhatsApp adopted it. Telegram also have the “Secret Chat” feature which a private conversation hosted only on the respective devices used by the sender and recipient. Secret chats do not get synced across other connected devices like desktop and tablets. Also, secret chats do not appear on Telegram cloud.

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