Hiding behind the curtain of WhatsApp will soon be a history after I might have revealed this trick. I know for sure that many will be vexed with what I am about to reveal, but I apologise to this in advance :) I mean no harm.


If you have been sending messages to some of your friends on WhatsApp and it shows that the messages are sent and delivered but, you are not quite sure that the messages are read (mysterious blue check is absent), you begin to wonder if they’re away from their phone or just ignoring you. The trick is they have the “Read Receipts” option turned off from their WhatsApp account privacy settings.

The Sender


The receiver

Do not be too disturbed, as there is an old and clear-cut way that can come in handy to force-trick your friends into showing you that they are reading your messages but, have just decided to ignore them.


The trick is easy, and all you have to do is send a non-lengthy voice recording to them (5″ can do). If they are with their phones, then they might be enticed to play the voice message on their end – as soon as that is done, you will see the elusive blue check mark indicating that they viewed your previous messages.



There you have it in a simple, short note, and all snubbing are history.


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