Terraruim TV app is a creation of NitroXenon* for solving a big problem for people worldwide. The app is used for passing time when the situation is boring at home, office, or on long journeys, and family trips. You can pass time easily and make sure it is excellent when you are covered by the Terraruim TV app.

To use, you just need a simple internet and Wi-Fi connection to download and install it it to enjoy movies and TV series. The best part of it is that you can download it for free. Yes, you don’t have to pay a dime to download and install.

So if your weekend is sure going to a boring one, don’t worry, your smartphone, when combined with laptop or desktop computer can give you the best possible entertainment you ever dreamed of. Just get some delicious popcorn and then you can enjoy movies and TV shows.

About Terraruim TV App

Terraruim TV, full name Terraruim TV Movies & TV Shows app is a means by which people watch old and latest movies. People are doing it at their timing and at their convenient place. Unless you have never done it, watching movies on Terrarium TV is very delightful. When you do, you have the option of watching in HD option to enjoy more of the movies and TV shows you love most.

Terrarium TV App as PC Software

This app is widely used by many Android smartphone users. It is one way that they keep their tabs on latest movies. Also, it is made very secure and safe for those who use it so they don’t worry about hackers or hacking. However, the only snag here is that the app may not work properly due to poor internet or Wi-Fi connection. So if you must enjoy the app, make sure you get a strong internet connection and everything else would be just fine.

What Kind of Windows Does Terrarium TV Work on?

This app is able to work nicely with Windows 10, 8, 7, and 8.1 and we cannot assure that it will work for other types of Windows. To know how to make it work for you PC if it is one of the Windows mentioned above, please read on.

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How to Download and Install Terrarium TV for PC

Get an Android emulator as this is the first best step you can ever take. Bluestacks is reputed to be the best in the industry in the year 2018. It is probably the most known Android emulator among Android users worldwide. This device is preferred for gaming but it easy to setup. At present, it is based on Android Nougat.

Now, let us imagine that you have your Android emulator. If you don’t have it yet, please visit this page to download it free now. Don’t worry about viruses because you are downloading directly from Bluestack website.

Once you have done that, run the file from Bluestacks and get it installed on your PC or laptop.

Further, download the apk file of Terrarium TV from the following link: Download apk here. Once you download the apk, please return here for the rest of the information you need to run the software.

Once the apk is downloaded, open Bluestacks and look to the left side of the emulator where you will see the optio called “Install APK” just click it. Please note that in Bluestacks 3, the option should be below the main screen. you only need to click to get it installed.

By now you must be seeing the downloaded apk file on your screen. load or open it and then find the Terrarium TV installed on your PC.

Terrarium TV App: Features You Need to Know

You can get any old and latest movies and TV shows of any period or any year which you may want to see.

  • You can choose from many languages
  • You can also select any genre that you want
  • Find the HD facility which will drive you wild in a much better to view your movies and TV shows
  • Track all of your already watched episodes of TV shows so that you will not need to remember them
  • Feel free to download any movies, exciting series and videos of musical concerts or events, all for free.
  • You will get timely notifications of latest and interesting episode of your favorite TV show as it will come in a notification mode on your mobile phone or laptop, and even your desktop computer if that is where the connection is.
  • The app is compatible with Android TV and TV box
  • You get a clean and intuitive user interface
  • Video quality is available in 1080p and 720p
  • You will be offered download choice to save movies and watch offline
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Where To Find the App

You can find the Terrarium TV app can found on all TVs, provided that these are modern, on PC/laptops, tabs, Android phones, iPhones, chrome cast, and iPads. The wide options make the app available to almost everyone on planet earth.

With it, the user is able to share and watch lovely movies, funny videos, television shows, and other videos with friends, cousins, and colleagues via social media platform. As mentioned before, the beauty of the app is that you can make use of it at your own time and pace; even at any place you choose.

Is It Illegal?

One of the latest battles against Terrarium TV is that it is illegal. Some have even been labeling it a ‘Pirate’ software and at one time, there were information that the creator was shutting it down. That was in September 2018.

However, there has evolved a new update of Terrarium TV app which you can find HERE and which shows that it is still not the end of the road for the app. Will the app live further into 2019? It is evident that NitroXenon is not in a hurry to destroy the app. As far as a new updated apk is available, it shows that users around the world may not be disappointed after all.


NitroXenon, also known as Peter Chan is the personality behind Terrarium TV app. He has many repositories on Github. In September 2018, he declared an end to Terrarium TV but did not quickly pull the plug on it. With the app receiving new updates, it seems it will continue to thrill users worldwide into 2019.

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