Tesla rolls out new stop light warning to Autopilot

According to Tesla, the company has released a new feature for Autopilot which will come with the latest vehicle software update. This feature is known as Autosteer Stop Light Warning. Just as the name implies, the feature will notify drivers with a warning whenever they are about to run a stop light.

Tesla says that this new safety feature was created and designed to improve safe driving around stop lights. The feature is expected to come with the new software update, 2019.8.3. Drivers using this feature will get a notification pop-up if they are driving at a speed fast enough that they might run a stop sign. Although the feature will not apply the car's brakes, the notification warning the driver will be a visual and audible one which will be enough to notify the driver that they need to take control of the car again and slow down before the red light.

This useful feature is powered by information accumulated by Tesla in its mapping data to confirm the presence of stoplight where it should be. It also uses the car's camera system which has been trained to recognize red lights. Another feature is expected to follow up the Autosteer Stop Light Warning feature which will recognize traffic lights and stop signs. It's should be rolled out before the end of the year. Drivers of Tesla cars in the US which have the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving packages manufactured after 2016 will be able to use this feature. Drivers should take note, however, that the system might not work for every traffic light in the US. According to Tesla, the system should get better with time.

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