Tetris Royale, the real battle with the tetramini is coming on iOS and Android


After Tetris99, which contributed to the success of Nintendo Switch Online, new games are coming with the legendary tetramini as protagonists. N3twork (a leader in the gaming, media and technology sector) and Tetris Company have indeed announced the start of a collaboration to develop and publish new franchise-based titles built specifically for mobile devices.

The multi-year agreement will therefore use the experience of N3twork to create new gaming experiences with the tetramini and the debut title will be Tetris Royale, a fast and fun game for large-scale competitions, which will debut on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. By the end of 2019, the newly announced game will be available in beta.

The new puzzle game, the first in a long series, will feature numerous modes among which the inevitable Battle Royale (up to 100 players per lobby), daily challenges and Marathon, where you can hone your skills in single player. Everything will be accompanied by seasonal rankings and exclusive rewards, including customization options and upgrades to be used in "battle".

Tetris is an icon of timeless pop culture that has shaped the history of video games and is appreciated all over the world. Our N3twork team is proud to work with this incredible brand to create new mobile titles to play, compete and have fun with Tetris in an unprecedented way.

Fans all over the world love playing Tetris with their mobile devices, which is why we are pleased to join forces with N3twork to introduce new games that will bring the Tetris gameplay experience to a whole new level. Tetris Royale is just the beginning. We are sure that players will really appreciate. We can't wait to start battles.

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