MJX drones are now among the most famous and cheap quadcopters on the market. The Chinese drone manufacturer has conquered its share of the market thanks to reliable, well-constructed and low-priced products. In this article, I’ll tell you which are the 3 best MJX drones and I advise you where to buy them at the best price.

The MJX brand was born in 1983 and now has 30 years of experience in the production of toys and RC devices dedicated to enthusiasts. During the 30 years of activity, MJX has been able to develop technology and innovation that, to date, allow it to produce some of the best drones currently on the market and to market these devices at competitive prices.

The MJX drones have established themselves on the market thanks to the excellent technical characteristics, a factor not to be underestimated even by beginners, and for the cheap sales prices. The combination of these two factors, in addition to good marketing, have made MJX devices famous in the world. A few days ago I recommended some cheap drones and I have recommended some of the best drones for beginners, today I’ll tell you which are the 3 best MJX quadcopter.

MJX Bugs 3

MJX Bugs 3h is the evolution of the previous Bugs 3 model and is the best entry-level drone of MJX. This quadcopter mounts 4 powerful brushless motors able to allow excellent driving performance and presents itself with the ideal characteristics to start driving a drone. One of the most important features is that which allows you to keep the height stable during the flight, this ability allows you to focus more on driving, without having to worry about the flight altitude.

This model has support for the best action camera and allows you to connect your Go Pro to take pictures and videos in flight. You can also purchase the camera model included in the package.

How much does MJX Bugs 3H cost?

The site where to buy MJX Bugs 3H at the best price is surely the reliable RC Moment . The drone is sold at a price of $199.99.

MJX B3mini

MJX B3mini is the miniature model of 3H and is the most economical drone of this manufacturer. This drone is therefore presented with smaller dimensions and even fewer features and functionality. It does not have, for example, the automatic height stabilizer, but it has engines that can handle different angles of flight and also has a mode arranged for acrobatic flight. It is a different drone compared to 3H, less suitable for those who want to start but thought for those who want to have fun in acrobatics and is already familiar with the flight of drones.

This model is also compatible with the MJX action cam (sold separately) and is not compatible with Go Pro and other cameras.

How much does MJX B3mini cost?

The site where to buy MJX B3mini at the best price is, also in this case, RC Moment. The drone is sold for $127  and you can use the MJXB3M coupon to get € 28 discount.

MJX B8pro

MJX B8pro is an entry-level race drone with advanced features and ideal for beginners and those who already know how to drive and use the drone for fun and acrobatics. MJX B8pro is a complete drone with 4 excellent racing engines and able to fly at a maximum speed of 65 km/h and up to 500 meters away. The different flight modes and professional engines allow this quadcopter to be exploited to the fullest by those who must learn to fly and those who are already at advanced levels. The compatibility with the action camera, with LCD display and with the virtual reality viewer of Google make it an incredibly complete and powerful drone.

When does MJX B8pro cost?

The site where to buy MJX B3mini at the best price is, also in this case, RC Moment. The drone is sold at a price of $212 and you can use the MJXB8P coupon to get 20 euros off.

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