features of sports watches
features of sports watches

1. Heart rate measurement

Heart rate measurement is the basis for healthy and conscious sport. The best measurements are offered by dedicated heart rate monitors or watches with an additional chest strap that measures heart rate and transmits data wirelessly to the watch. Devices with wrist-based heart rate are considered less accurate, but it depends on the particular model. We will buy the cheapest heart rate monitors for less than $50, but in addition to measuring heart rate and basic timekeeping functions, we will not find additional amenities in them.

2. GPS

In each sport, which involves moving, you will not only need a stopwatch, which indicates the duration of the workout, but above all GPS, thanks to which we will know the distance covered with an accuracy of several meters. Some watches also help you plan routes or return to the starting point, which will be useful when training in unfamiliar terrain. Data on the activity can then be downloaded via a computer or wirelessly, to a smartphone, to one of the Endomondo-type applications, or other prepared by a specific manufacturer.

3. Smart functions

Sports Watch Smart Functions
Sports Watch Smart Functions

Some sports watches deserve to be called smartwatches. They have a touch display, connect wirelessly to a smartphone, and can even function as a telephone, thanks to the SIM card slot (just put a duplicate of the SIM card used in the smartphone). In addition, through them, we have access to the Internet and to all notifications from mobile applications on the smartphone. We can use such watches for practicing a dozen or so different disciplines, thanks to the built-in thematic programs, a heart rate monitor as well as GPS and water resistance functions. We will buy this type of device for a few hundred zlotys and above.

4. Barometer and altimeter

These two functions will help every lover of mountain hiking. The atmospheric pressure sensor allows you to notice the change of weather early enough. The altimeter, on the other hand, will provide us with information on the climbers overcome. In the mountains, this is as important as the distance traveled. Many multi-sports smartwatches have these features, but you can also buy cheaper, traditional models.

5. Sports watch for spearfishing and freediving

Sports Watch For Spearfishing And Freediving
Sports Watch For Spearfishing And Freediving

It is difficult to select one particular function in this case, which is why we will use the example of the OMR1 OMER watch. Apart from underwater hunting, apnea, and freediving, hardly anyone realizes what watches dedicated to this sport can do. This mini-computer has six modes for recording dives. They turn on automatically after contact with water and turn off 30 seconds after leaving the water. During the dive, they show the current depth, immersion time, and water temperature. This model is sold with two stripes with different camouflage.

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