Aorus X7 v2 laptop 1 1
Aorus X7 v2 laptop 1 1

If you’re a gamer, then this is the laptop for you. With its wonderful build and specifications this monster can power through anything you throw at it without stuttering.

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The Aorus X7 v2 features , a pair of nVidia GeForce GTX 860M GPUs, arranged to work in unison with an ultimate nVidia’s scalable link interface (SLI) configuration.

The Aorus X7 v2 is just under 25mm thick, with a 17 inch display, it weighs 3.24kg, plus another 965g for the 200W mains charger, making an effective all-up weight of 4.2kg. Two cooling fans inside draw in and expel air over a series of internal heatpipes and sinks.


The Aorus X7 v2 comes with fast 1867MHz memory, it can accept a single 2.5in SATA hard drive for bulk storage. It has an Intel Core i7-4860HQ, a 2.4GHz quad-core chip with. The Aorus scores 6304 points overall in the PCMark 7 system benchmark test. This is just a massive powerful laptop meaning you can’t go wrong as playing games will be a joy to behold without any stutter or lag.


The Aorus V7 X2’s trackpad is a bit unusual, it features aa shiny buttonless surface made with plastic. The keyboard placement is fantastic and we gave no complains.

Battery life

Battery life from the non-removable 75Wh lithium-polymer battery was rather disappointing though as we got a brief  1 hour, 48 minutes which is a let down.


For the price of N310,00, the Aorus X7 v2 is a very good metal clad laptop for gamers willing to pay the extra price for something premium. Games played without any single problem and the experience was very enjoyable. A must-have for gamers.

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