The Asus ROG Phone is one of the most recent gaming smartphones on the market. It was presented several months ago officially, but its launch in many countries has not yet taken place. But it seems that this will change soon, thanks to a leak in Gearbest. In the popular store, you have been able to see the phone, with its price and launch date.

The Asus ROG Phone would launch in October

So you can sense when this device from the manufacturer will reach some markets. The reality is that we will not have to wait too long, in about a month it will be officially launched.

Asus ROG Phone in Europe

According to the data that has been seen on GearBest, the launch of this Asus ROG Phone would take place at the end of October. Specifically, between October 22 and 24, it would be launched on the market. So it is expected that in other countries too will get the same on that dates. So interested users only have to wait a month for its release.

There was nothing said about his price in his presentation. The phone with a price of 1125 euros is shown on the Gearbest website. So it exceeds the barrier of 1,000 euros, so it would be the most expensive gaming smartphone on the market.

At the moment, the price or date of launch of this Asus ROG Phone could not be confirmed by the company itself. But we hope to have more data soon, although it seems that at the end of October it will be possible to buy it officially.


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