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Although Google Play provides us with everything we need for our Android smartphone, there are many app developers who prefer not to publish their creations in the official Google market, which is why in this article you will find a vast list of alternatives to Play Store.

The world of apps is so big that even if Google tries to cover it, there are always places that are beyond its control. I am referring to the alternative Android markets. There are many Android app stores besides Google Play where you can find apps and games, but why look for Play Store alternatives?

If Google Play is all I need. Well, I’ll tell you there’s a world out there to discover. If you are a user, you can download free Android apps that are not free in other places or some apps that you can’t find on Google Play. And if you are a developer, you can save the registration fee of € 25 and you can publish your applications for free.

In any case, if your curiosity knows no bounds and you want to explore new frontiers, I encourage you to try the Android Play Store alternatives. But beware, there are reliable markets and others where you can find anything.

Always pay attention to these Android alternative markets, read the opinions of users and the community to make sure the app is good. I will only talk about the markets that I personally trust and that I consider real alternative stores to the Google Play Store.

The best Play Store alternatives for Android

1. F-Droid

This Google Play alternative is my favorite, I always find very interesting things that are not found elsewhere. Well, more than a store, it is more like a catalog of free applications and some are open-source, that is, in addition to being free, you can get the source code and modify the application to your liking. The only bad thing is that it has no user comments, so you have no choice but to install and test it.

2. APKMirror

More than an alternative Android market, it is a list with the latest updates of the most used applications. It doesn’t have a lot of variety but there are all the latest news, even before they are published on Google Play. For those who need the latest, visit the APKMirror page if you need the latest version of any application.

3. Aptoid

This Android alternative store has a large community and is the most used by people who cannot access Google Play, usually due to government restrictions in their country. The truth is that the appearance is very reminiscent of the Google Play Store, only the color changes, which is orange, a color-blind person at first glance would not notice the difference. You can add multiple store lists on the

Stores tab. Sometimes you can find rogue apps, but thanks to community feedback and ratings, trustworthy apps are all flagged. One of the best Android alternative stores.

4. APKUpdater

APKUpdater’s goal is very simple: to be the first to deploy updates. Do you want to try the new WhatsApp features before your friends? UPKUpdater is the service for you because it will inform you as soon as a new update is available.

5. Uptodown

With 2.5 million malware-proof apps, Uptodown is an attractive and safe Play Store alternative to the Play Store. The official number of Android applications that you can download and install on your device in just a few clicks is 30,000. Before continuing, you will need to download the Uptodown application to stay informed about available updates (if you wish, you can enable this option at the end).

You won’t find paid apps on Uptodown. The reason? The platform does not offer a payment system. This means that payments via the app are not allowed either. In general, the platform is well organized and secure (in addition to the automatic verification system, the editorial staff manually checks the quality of the services). Compared to APKUpdater or Aptoide, updates are slower.

6. Amazon Underground

Amazon offers an interesting free Android market that offers a large number of apps and games at no cost. Yes, on Amazon Underground you can download some of the paid applications in the Play Store for free or save up to 30% on some of them.

To have Amazon Underground on your device, you just need to log into the official website, enter your email address, and download the application using the link you will receive in your email. In order to use the application, you will need an Amazon account but, if you don’t have one, it only takes a few minutes to get it. The application is easy to use and intuitive, you will have no problem moving through the screens to find your favorite titles.

7. How to download free Android apps with APKPure

For the uninitiated, APKPure is an app store, it also features a website that offers Android software installation and downloads as a third-party source. Just like we have the official Google Play Store, ApkPure is meant for third party app download. ApkPure is absolutely safe to download Android packages to your Android devices. It is totally safe to download third-party apps. It is the most reliable platform when it comes to downloading apk.

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