The best android apps to learn how to drive a car

The best driving simulation apps for Android smartphones to learn how to drive and get a driver's license.

We have a unique and unique app for everything, millions of apps on the Google Play Store. You can learn everything from these apps whether you’re cooking or finding a job or learning how to drive a car.

Learning to drive a car can be a fun and exciting experience. There are driving schools where you can get practical training on driving a car. But why not try a couple of driving simulation apps on your Android to get ready to get your driver’s license. 

These applications can teach you everything you need to drive a car including driving rules, traffic rules, controls, indicators, light information and driving license tests.

Quiz Official License 2019

Let’s start with a little theory. Quiz Driving License is the app for the quiz of the license and license recommended by driving schools.

It offers you everything you need to get your driving license for free:

• Official ministerial quizzes for driving license and license (updated 2018 2019) 
• Video lessons 
• Theory manual – theory suggestions during quizzes – explanation of mistakes 
• Possibility to review all the quizzes held 
• Challenge against friends on the license quizzes.

Parking mania 2

Parking Mania 2 is a popular parking game that will help you understand the dynamics and physics of parallel and reverse parking. This is a common problem faced by many inexperienced drivers. With reverse parking, they can not figure out the angle at which the car should be turned.

The app offers several parking missions to choose from and you can unlock others with in-app purchases. The graphics are clear and sharp and the game mechanics make it easy to drive around the car. Parking Mania is a game, it helps you understand the importance of parking angles, find the right spot, turn the car and more.

Developer: Mobirate
Price: Free +

Driving Academy – Car School Driver Simulator 2018

Driving Academy is another best app for Android that you can use to learn how to drive by car. Basically, it’s a school driver simulator that can help you master your driving and parking skills. Not only that, but Driving Academy also covers some road rules that you need to follow while driving a car. So, it’s another best app you can use to learn how to drive in your car.

Driving school

Driving School comes from a development team that has developed 20 driving simulation apps to date. Needless to say, experience and attention to detail are quite evident in their apps. The graphics are of high quality and even the interiors of each car were made to mimic real cars.

To get started, you can choose between the manual or automatic transmission and choose between motorways, country roads, deserts, and mountains to practice your driving skills.

There are many vehicles to choose from such as cars, motorcycles and even trucks. As you progress through the game, level up to unlock access to more machines and maps.

Developer: Ovidiu Pop
Price: Free +

Driving school simulator for cars

Have you noticed how the inspector always has a list of items to examine before starting a lesson? Things you did well and things you did wrong. The car driving school simulator includes a similar list for seat belts, headlights, and other important things.

With this particular driving simulator, you are required to stay in the right lane at all times. In other driving simulation apps, you are not responsible for changing lanes.

After each lesson, get a detailed report on driving, road rules, and safety. Car Driving School Simulator makes you feel like you’re doing a real driving test to get your driver’s license.

At the end of the training mode, you are allowed to enter the city in a safe environment where you have to complete the missions to level up.

The app is free to download and use. However, it comes with ads and some in-app purchases to unlock additional maps and cars.

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