The best apps for your smartphone’s security

The best apps for your smartphone’s security. At first, no one thought about it and even today many people still haven’t installed an antivirus on their mobile device. The reasons for installing apps for your smartphone’s security are many and quite logical.

Think about it for a moment: how much sensitive information do you store on your mobile device? Do you have access to how many services? Email, banking services, personal photographs, access to cloud storage sites, among others. A protected smartphone will avoid many problems, that’s why we want to talk to you about the best apps for the security of your smartphone.

The best apps for your smartphone’s security

CM Security Antivirus AppLock

It is one of the most complete and effective smartphone security apps. At the touch of a button, the app scans the device for dangers: viruses, emails that could be phishing, unsafe settings, etc. When it finds a dangerous file, it also tells you how to solve.

It also allows you to save apps or files that you want to password protect and even take a picture remotely with the front camera if the phone is stolen (to recognize the thief). Available for free for Android.


If what interests you most is protecting your data and private information that you store on your phone (or to which you provide direct access without the need for a password), AppLock is the solution. It is a very simple application that password-blocks the apps you choose.

If, for example, you don’t want someone to leave your smartphone to see your photos, you can lock the gallery. You can also lock the settings you want and access the Play Store. Free for Android.


Keeper focuses on creating, organizing and protecting passwords, using the 256-bit AES encryption system. And not just passwords: it also allows you to store and protect usernames, card numbers, bank accounts, and other personal information.

The app takes all this data and saves it in its cloud (strong no?), Very protected and encrypted so that no one can access it. It is free and available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Secure Wipe

When you delete a file from the memory of a mobile device, it is not deleted completely, which is why when the memory is damaged it is possible to recover the data. However, there are many cases where we want the information to be completely erased (for example, if you sell your phone).

How you do it? Secure Wipe is one of the apps that will help you: free up space by simply pressing a button. Available for free for Android.


One of the most original and practical features of HiFolder is that it allows you to have a fake password, which will continue to hide the most sensitive data if someone forces you to enter the password. It also allows you to enter different passwords in different folders, hide the desired data, etc.

It also helps you manage your data and files and make your smartphone go faster. Available free for iOS only.

We have just finished talking about the best apps for your smartphone’s security. Did you understand it now that it’s very important to keep your smartphone safe?

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