The Best Free Games for LG Smart TV

Today we present a list of the Best Free Games for LG Smart TVs downloadable directly on your LG TV to have fun alone or with the whole family.

Your LG Smart TV can be used to view a wide range of content: free-to-air programs, premium content, Blu-ray movies, complete DVD series caskets and even apps that can be downloaded from the comfort of LG Smart World, often for free. Like the three  Best Free Games for LG Smart TVs that we present in this post.

The Best Free Games for LG Smart TVs

Maya Brick Breaker

Maya Brick Breaker

This is a brick-breaking game. The ball must not fall to the bottom of the screen. It is necessary to break all the bricks. Use the platform to keep the ball in play and hit the bricks. Your mission is to eliminate all the bricks by hitting them with the ball. Some bricks need more than a single shot. Game Instructions:

  • 60 incredible levels
  • Collect all the stars to finish the game
  • 10 power-ups
  • Easy to play but hard to master
  • Great graphics If you love arcade games, you will love this game.

Download Maya Brick Breaker

Where is my water?

Where is my water?

Download the game entitled TITLE OF THE YEAR in the category of puzzles! Help Swampy directing the water to her shower. Each level presents compelling puzzles based on the laws of physics and characterized by realistic dynamics. The practice of the furrows in the mud to let the water pass through more and more exciting environments. Every drop is important!

  • Play over 12 challenging puzzles with Swampy!
  • Do you want to tackle other levels? Play over 90 fantastic and exciting puzzles for a small additional price!
  • Collect special items to unlock bonus levels!
  • Get three ducks on each level to show off your skills with friends!

Download Where is my water?

Fruit Puzzle

Fruit Puzzle

A memory game to play with children. Remember the images of the cards to match them. Match cards with the same image in the time available to you. The faster you are, the higher the score will be.

Download Fruit Puzzle

Skylanders Battlegrounds

Skylanders Battlegrounds

Enter the battle with the brand new Skylanders SWAP Force (TM) characters!
Give life to the Skylanders and free the Battlegrounds! Choose your favorite Skylander and face the evil warlords of Kaos!

Explore areas of Skylands you’ve never seen before, make new friends and fight ruthless enemies. Skylanders Battlegrounds (TM) is an action-adventure game that will allow you to play with two Skylanders together. Unlock new powers and weapons that will help you in the fight against Kaos and his henchmen.


  • Chapter 3 has arrived: defeat the madman Mago Vengar and foil his plans.
  • Unlock and upgrade the special skills of every Skylander
  • Plan your attacks in the Overworld
  • Unleash the devastating powers of Portal Masters, such as Saette and Dynamite
  • Switch instantly from one Skylander to another with the Portal of Power
  • Import your Skylanders with the Portal of Power or the secret codes

Download Skylanders Battlegrounds


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