best console to buy scaled
best console to buy scaled

In these days of quarantine because of the Coronavirus, a game console can certainly be the ideal way to spend a few hours of leisure, both alone or in a company. If you are not yet equipped with a console, it could undoubtedly be useful to know where to buy consoles online with reduced delivery times, but above all, which console to buy for your needs.

Before starting with our advice, we want to advise you, by virtue of the quarantine imposed by the government, to undertake negotiations with private individuals that require hand delivery in order to avoid not only putting your health at risk but also running into salty penalties provided in case of being pinched outside the home without a valid reason.

But what is the best console to buy right now for some quarantined fun? If you are passionate gamers, you will probably already have the console of your choice at home, and you will almost certainly have stopped by reading this sentence. Still, if you are simple casual players looking for a pastime, then this article might be for you. There are currently three main consoles on the market, namely PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. All these consoles are available in different versions that offer different performances and prices.


Specifically, the Sony PS4 is available both in the basic variant and in the Pro variant, capable of offering superior graphics performance and support for 4K resolution. As for Xbox One, we find a more or less similar situation. To date, the two most common models on the market are

Xbox One S and Xbox One X, whose price difference is considerable, as well as the performance that sees Xbox One X clearly ahead of its younger sister. In the case of Xbox, however, there are also two variants of the younger sister: the standard version of Xbox One S and the version S All Digital, not equipped with a disc player and, therefore, only compatible with games purchased digitally through the Microsoft Store.

The separate discussion instead regarding Nintendo Switch, a console that undoubtedly deserves a separate chapter. The hybrid license plate from Nintendo is a console that differs from the Microsoft and Sony proposals for the range of titles offered, tending to target a different audience than its rivals, but also for a constructive logic that has undoubtedly been surprising. The Nintendo console can, in fact, be structured in portable mode and TV mode through a base, which makes it a full-fledged home console. Buying Nintendo Switch, however, means giving up the power of rival consoles but finding yourself a product that offers a nourished and full of games park suitable for all ages, a choice without a doubt not to be underestimated if you have small children at home. Also, in this case, we are faced with two possible solutions that include the Lite version (cheaper, compact and without support for TV) and the classic version, equipped with support for TV and with the possibility to release the controllers from the main body to play in two on the same console in a few simple steps.

Which console to buy to stop this boredom quarantine?

To simplify your choice, we have decided to focus on the main points that could play an important role in the choice:

  • Budget: it is undoubtedly an important aspect, and in this respect, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One s have lower access costs than Nintendo Switch.
  • Performance: if performance is important to you, then PS4 Pro and Xbox One X represent the best on the market, but if performance can overshadow you, then the Standard and S versions of the respective consoles will be more than enough. In this respect, Nintendo Switch is the console that presents the greatest difficulties, proving to be absolutely not up to rivals in terms of performance.
  • Video games available: in this respect, the choice could bind you because all consoles have EXCLUSIVE titles. In this case, therefore, there is no advice to take except to carefully evaluate the securities of your interest.
  • Online functionality: given the possibility of playing online, consider carefully which one to choose to play with your friends. The titles that allow you to play between different platforms are still few, and choosing the wrong console may not allow you to play with your friends. In this regard, it is necessary to report that ALL consoles require the subscription of a subscription to play online, with the exception of some titles such as Fortnite or the new Call Of Duty Warzone, which allow instead to play even without subscribing.
  • Age of players: Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are consoles designed for a generally more adult audience, unlike Nintendo Switch, which has many games suitable for children and parents. Again the choice is up to you.

Where should you buy your console?

Unfortunately, in recent days many couriers are experiencing various difficulties in delivering orders placed online. On Amazon, delivery times will be longer than usual, but you sure would get a good working console. This store also offers the possibility to buy used consoles but certified in terms of operation and warranty, and undoubtedly interesting choice to evaluate to save little.

Now that you have chosen the console to buy, you just have to think about PS5 vs Xbox: The Xbox Anaconda will be the most powerful console! to find out which ones you absolutely must buy!

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