app iphone fitness
app iphone fitness

Winter is coming to an end and, with the good season, the period of taking long work is approaching. Taking long works are a great way to keep fit and, from many points of view, it is a real exercise. So why not get help from technology? Mobile devices, in this area, offer an almost endless series of apps that can accompany you during your walks.

Thanks to the fact that the smartphone is always with us, this kind of software has almost entirely supplanted classic odometers. In this article, we will discuss the topic by going to find out all the main free Android pedometers available on Google Play.

Pedometer for Android: the best free apps

Among the many apps available for Android, and in the same fitness field, there are several free that allow you to monitor how much and how we walk, providing important information about our journeys and the effect that this activity has on the human body. Below we will illustrate nine free pedometers for Android, ideal tools for those with a passion for walking.

Runtastic Steps

Among the most ductile apps in this area is Runtastic Steps. This statement is dictated by the fact that, in addition to the many customizable settings, this pedometer is fully compatible with Google Fit. Among the many peculiarities, Runtastic Steps keeps in memory daily, monthly and annual data regarding calorie consumption as well as allowing you to set daily goals to motivate you further.

The free version is excellent for monitoring the data already illustrated, but you can upgrade to the premium version (with a cost ranging from 30 to 50 dollars per year) that includes other benefits such as the planning of nutritional plans, food diaries and more yet.

Zombies, Run!

No, it’s not a videogame. The name Zombies, Run! remembers in a way not too vague a videogame product … yet we are talking about a pedometer for Android among the most appreciated by users. The app in question is now a rather well-established software in the industry and, over the last few years, has pushed more than a million users to run to escape from the living dead!

The program allows users to immerse themselves in a rather simple story with horror colors. The target? Escape from the zombies by doing physical activity. To participate in this kind of game, simply connect the headphones and follow the instructions as you move through various quests. The app simulates a post-apocalyptic setting in which you’ll have to deal with the living dead … if you lack the desire or imagination to do regular exercise, the stimulation offered by Zombies, Run! it could be very useful.


Do you prefer something simpler and more essential? Pedometer, in this sense, is a guarantee. No in-app purchases or the like, just a few ads, however, widely bearable. As for the assortment of features, there is, in addition to the pedometer, the calculation of calories burned, travel times and speed measurement. The information is also represented with practical graphs.

By entering gender and weight, Pedometer tells you how many categories you still have to burn within the current day. The app is rather “tender” regarding the consumption of the battery and allows you to choose between different themes as well as allowing a good level of customization.


Fitbit is another rather famous app. Its main strength is a very attractive interface that, combined with the many features available, complete a very popular software in the pedometer for Android. The weekly challenges, the diary for training and nutrition and many other functions are a significant added value for a very interesting app.


ViewRanger is an app that, in addition to being a rather efficient pedometer, is particularly useful for hikers and the like. It indeed contains a large number of tracks and trails from around the world and can take advantage of some important functions related to GPS.

Using GPS and Android Wear, the app tracks all the statistics of your walk, showing you how much to do and other interesting information about it. If you are a hiker and you think that the pedometer functions can be an excellent integration with your hobby, ViewRanger is for you!


A simple pedometer does not satisfy you? Argus goes far beyond, going to cover everything related to your athletic training. This app also includes a calorie counter, a sleep cycle control feature, a workout guide, and even a barcode scanner to help you measure your nutritional intake.

Although not the best about the simple function of a pedometer, Argus is something almost essential for those who want a 360-degree view of their physical activities.

Noom Walk

Noom Walk comes with a nice clean interface. The developers claim that their creation uses less than 2% of the battery, allowing the use without particular anxieties regarding the remaining energy.

Beyond the low power consumption, a feature that elevates Noom Walk from all other pedometers for Android is the fact that allows you to engage in your activities up to five friends. In fact, the proposed objectives can become a real challenge to those who reach them first among the other five users … a way to further enliven the exercise sessions.

Pedometer, Step Counter and Weight Loss Tracker

Despite the rather elaborate name Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker is a very good app in this area. Strong of frequent updates from the developers, this software helps you lose weight by following you step by step (in the true sense of the word!).

You can set your goals or use the goals created by the developers to help you stay motivated and walk the way you need to achieve your weight. The functions of the app allow you to always have an eye on your progress to further motivate you. If your goal more than walking is losing weight, this app is the best choice.


Accupedo is one of the best pedometers for Android that you can download. It is highly configurable and with it, you can measure the number of steps, the distance covered, the time taken, the calories consumed and lots of other information.

The app in question starts tracking only after doing ten steps, so there is the possibility that your “trips” in the home environment are not counted as due, but it is still a viable option if you take daily walks outside home. 

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