Prank Mobile Apps
Prank Mobile Apps

Our mobile is useful for many things, such as having the best prank phone apps on Android. That is, if you feel like joking, you’ll have a whole compendium of apps to choose from.

And there are some platforms that in addition to having a diverse set of content, are the best for finding jokes or those trendy memes that usually have that funny text and that is usually a trend. Let’s do it with these fun phone prank apps.

The best prank phone apps for friends

1. Imgur

Maybe it is one of the best prank phone apps when we want to have fun with our mobile. It is an image-based platform and has become one of the most important sources of memes in the digital landscape. That is, as we said, you will find all kinds of humorous content created especially for you to enjoy.

Yes, it is true that we will have to use certain words to find them such as “smoke”, “laugh”, “jokes”, even to find funny GIFs. Imgur is an essential platform on the internet today and we recommend it to everyone so that you have a joke ready to send to someone.

2. JuasApp

As the name suggests, JuasApp is a great anonymous phone prank app and is one of the most installed on Android. Its main reason is to create funny jokes through phone calls. In other words, it is a prank program. Here we will not show a joke by just making it read. No, something is really happening here.

Funny calls are made by JuasApp servers. The call is not made from your phone, but from our servers, so you don’t pay for the call and they won’t know it’s you. In just 2 minutes it will be available on your mobile, so you can listen to it and share it.

We can also define it as a free phone prank app, yes because one phone prank a day is free.

3. Fake call – prank

Prank Apps
Prank Apps

Another app very similar to the previous one and that allows us to configure some parameters so that the joke is very real. We can establish the name of the caller, the number of the person, the image of the same, choose a character such as a pizza or a policeman, configure the voice of the caller or even record the voice so that we have a copy of the joke in our hands.

Fake Call also has hundreds of thousands of downloads with its simulated calls. That is to say, it even helps us come up with a call and then tell that person that a person just called you and that you need to go. A curious app useful for pranks to play on the phone.

4. Change the voice with effects

We can also use some kind of tool like voice changers to pretend to be another person ourselves and pass the audio through WhatsApp. It is the real function of this prank phone application, which allows us to transform our voice into 40 different voices.

A high-pitched helium-like voice, a robot, a monster, or an alien are some of the voices we can have fun with if we have some acting talent. It allows us to share the resulting voice from the same app using an email or the same WhatsApp to send it to our goal.

5. Broken screen (joke) joke

Also, in this case, its name indicates everything and it is precisely the simulation of a broken screen when we start the app after downloading it. In a flashy way and with a little story, our acting talent is always there, we can make a colleague believe that his phone (and every time he left us his cell phone to look at a website and we installed this app) has broken screen.

This app also allows us

to choose a few designs so that we can first try which one can be best for the mobile and then prepare to whip up the joke on our colleague. Poor him. A great app if we know how to act a little to make it look real.

6. Fake Chat Conversations

Another variant of a joke app in which we have to be very skilled in simulating a fake chat conversation on WhatsApp. With a little creativity and imitating what someone else might tell us and, of course, inventing something, we will be able to create the perfect joke.

Although we want to emphasize that if the simulations are very provocative, they can create problems instead of a joke.

This app is responsible for simulating the WhatsApp interface to configure and customize all the details that appear in it, such as a fake profile, fake voice messages, fake calls, and emojis. 

So we take a screenshot and pass it via WhatsApp to our contact so that the joke is perfect. Now we can only see the response of our colleague even if what I said, do not exaggerate that sometimes the jokes are too heavy.

7. Horn Joke

This is a joke app, but one that if we use it at the right time can cause quite a scare to death. Everything will depend on the speakers our mobile phone has, as with one with front stereo speakers the ability to mimic the sound of a speaker can be maximum.

With the instrument ready, we just have to press the button to provoke that unexpected beat that can lead to a big scare. We have 5 different sound options to find a horn sound that is the chord and that can surprise the target of the beat.

Another interesting joke app for our Android mobile that can make colleagues laugh; and as long as we manage not to overdo it because as we said, sometimes we overdo it and the jokes get heavy.

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