Tablets For Kids
Tablets For Kids

With simpler and intuitive operating systems, tablets are a great tool for kids to explore technology. If you are looking for a children’s tablet, these models help you. With parental control, you can prevent browsing adult sites or making a purchase.

Technology is a part of the future, and children are increasingly able to use technology. We will introduce to you the best tablets for children, they are cheap, sturdy, designed for them and parental control gives us the necessary control.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – Rugged

Amazon presents one of the best tablets for children, with robust protection and lots of didactic content. In addition to the impressive 12-hour battery includes an 8-inch screen and 32 GB of storage, the 12-month subscription to the Fire For Kids service includes books and TV shows for children.

Price:  you can find this model from 129 € 

[amazon_link asins=’B078HRR9MW,B0794VXCMV,B0794XWCD4′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’uktechlector-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’b38bea66-729f-41cd-b690-8dd551868b94′]

Amazon Fire 10 HD Kids Edition – Best View

Like other Fire Kids Edition tablets, this is a normal Fire tablet with extra protection and some software-level adjustments. With a larger screen of 10.1 inches, 32 GB of storage. Amazon has added a rubber protective case and a year of access to the Prime for Kids service, which allows you to watch age-appropriate content in the Amazon library.

Price:  you can find this model from 200 €

[amazon_link asins=’B079ZB7XFZ,B079Z227TX’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’uktechlector-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d656b0a2-0d1d-4a44-bbbc-e525baeb9f72′]

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition – Price / Quality

Cheap, compact and offers a reasonable performance. The Kids Edition includes the original tablet with a cover, access to the Fire For Kids Unlimited content, and most importantly, a two-year accidental damage warranty.

The tablet is 7 inches, which is good for most content, the battery life is good and the Fire for Kids application is excellent, full of reliable content and suitable for children under eight years of age. You can set time limits for your use.

Price:  you can find this model from 69 €

[amazon_link asins=’B01J90MTXW,B01J90MWWK,B01J90MVVM’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’uktechlector-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’3d01b944-31f9-40d1-8d4d-84df5ee53a52′]

LeapFrog Epic – Ideal for the youngest

The LeapFrog Epic is ideal for children under five. It offers a robust design and a basic interface, however, its longevity will be limited, both in terms of entertainment and its learning. LeapFrog applications are available for the device, but they are very expensive so we advise you to use the Amazon Appstore service, which might be a better bet for this tablet.

With 7 inches and a low resolution, the screen quality is not the best. Positively, we have the option to create multiple user profiles, which may be good for those who have more children.

[amazon_link asins=’B010NMTJA6,B01LS3EV3E’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’uktechlector-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’7338fc99-51de-404b-afad-cddbaf3066e0′]

TAB4YOU – Learning and fun

Think of tablets for children and leave out the offer of Science4you? The children’s tablets developed by this Portuguese company have specific apps for the children that will help them to explore the world in the best way. The fun is guaranteed! And learning and development as well.

Price:  you can find this model from 99.99 €

CLEMPAD 5.0 ​​- Educational

The Clementoni tablet is suitable for children from the age of three, includes immense educational games to aid in the development of the child, allows parental control and we can customize the presentation of the tablet to our liking. The important thing is that entertainment and learning are hands in hand, and this tablet offers that.

Price:  you can find this model from 199.99 €

Which is the best choice?

The market for tablets for children is small, so choosing a model can be tricky. Although some manufacturers have started to market tablets with limitations for children, and others launch products for children, we do not always find the best deal or the best model.

In addition to the cost, the main criterion when choosing a children’s tablet should be its quality of construction, the housing should be sturdy and preferably protected by a sturdy material. Spatter protection can be highly advantageous. While kids’ tablets are great for gaming and learning applications, much of the video support will require Wi-Fi to keep the broadcast, like YouTube.

We must pay attention to the child’s browsing and block access to less advised sites. By fulfilling these criteria, it is guaranteed that control is given by us. We recommend that you regularly check the installed applications and their use, after all, training and digital learning are the main purposes of the purchase.

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