Torrents and peer-to-peer sharing have a bad reputation on the Internet between general consumers and media producers. Of course, torrent sites and P2P file transfers are undoubtedly used by piracy, malicious intent and many other harmful and unsafe technologies, but this does not mean that they cannot be used for a good purpose.

There are several legal uses for torrents and torrent clients that exploit the speed and efficiency that torrenting can offer to a Windows user, all without the legal difficulties that people are forced to comply with in order to avoid punishment by the owners of the copyright and legal groups.

BitTorrent and other torrent services have been used for game updates and patches, downloading content from the Internet archive, acquiring Linux and other free or open-source ISOs and distributing large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. 

And among these, even free and non-copyrighted content, including movies like Night of the Living Dead that have been completely removed from the US Copyright Office. 

Some artists, in particular, the Radiohead frontman, Thom Yorke, have worked with BitTorrent in the past to use the service as the interface of a totally legal online store.

Obviously, we are aware that some users will set up torrent search engines to download even illegal or copyrighted content, but that does not mean that we should not talk about some of the best services offered. BitTorrent clients are a dozen, particularly on Windows 10, where the software has existed for years. 

And although a new platform seems to appear every year or two, our recommendations generally remain the same two or three different engines, with some alternative choices depending on your needs or desires. When you are looking for a torrent search engine, you want to find something simple and easy to use, which gives you new results as quickly as possible. 

Here is our guide to the best Torrent search engines.

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It is important to know that torrent search engines are occasionally eliminated by copyright holders to prevent intellectual property theft and other violations of copyright law. Since legitimate torrent websites have been eliminated, others have arisen in their place. 

In general, new sites are created by the users themselves, moving their repositories … files, to a different host and resuming the activity with the same name. Others present themselves as originals and should not be trusted. Be careful when using certain sites on the web, especially if they are prematurely deactivated.

The best torrent clients of 2019


UTorrent Search seems to have an identity crisis. It’s called UTorrent Search on the page but it has the URL. However, this torrent search engine is quite good at what it does and, ironically, it is powered by Google. Add the search term in the box and press the magnifying glass or Enter. The search results are displayed on a different page.


Torrentz2 is one of those script sites that I mentioned above, but to be a real phoenix it seems to rise from the flames. I always used Torrentz until it was removed. This torrent search engine looks exactly the same. 

Enter the search term, press Search or Enter and browse the results. It’s fast and apparently indexes over 61 million torrents on the Internet.

TORRENTS.ME is another torrent search engine that is worth using. It allows you to include or exclude torrent sites during the search and works quickly. It is not the most beautiful web page in the world, but it does its job. The selection of search results is good and depending on the site, it indexes most of the largest torrent websites.


Torrentproject is a torrent search engine that apparently indexes over 10 million torrent files through most good quality sites. The search results are credible and contain a wide selection for most research.


The Pirate Bay is the most famous (and infamous) website on the Internet, the one that is constantly removed only to return. It is not a pure search engine but has a powerful search function. It is also the website that most of those torrent search engines index first. 

The website went through several incarnations while various law enforcement officers removed it. The domains may have changed but the quality remains the same.

The Pirate Bay is probably the favorite website of most torrenters. While the torrents themselves are occasionally full of scams, most are clean and are good. User comments on torrents provide a reliable enough guide to determine if a particular torrent has problems or not.


RARBG is another torrent site that has been running for years. It also has a powerful search function but also contains lists of torrent categories. It is not the most beautiful site in the world but it has many of the latest TV and movie releases plus a credible number of games and software programs. RARBG also has a good reputation, so although it has pop-up advertisements like all torrent sites, there are no obvious risks of malware or malicious code.


1337X has managed to survive despite the last two years. Now the site is a reference point for movies and game releases. It has a good search function, but the category search function is the one I tend to use the most. The Top 100 and Trending Torrents links are very useful if you’re in the mood for something new but don’t know exactly what. The site works quickly and, apart from the ads, it is not very intrusive.


Limetorrents looks and is like other torrent websites in this list, except that the design is a little cleaner and easier on the eyes. It has a search function and category lists. The site works very quickly. In my experience, it is one of the top-performing sites on this list.


Finally, files downloaded through bittorrent websites must be treated with suspicion until otherwise verified. While most antivirus programs automatically scan files during the download, manually check the file before opening it. 

Right-click on the file and select Scan with … to check for viruses. Do the same with your malware scanner.

Most of the files downloaded from these sites will be legitimate without hidden surprises. Unfortunately, you never know which one is safe and which isn’t safe until it’s too late. Scan all files downloaded via bit torrent before use. It only takes a few seconds to scan, and you could save lots of hours to restore your computer. does not forgive piracy in any way or form. Bittorrent is a protocol and not an illegal file system or transfer method. Files shared using the protocol can be illegal and can be monitored by the ISP, copyright organizations or law enforcement agencies. 

We do not encourage anyone to break the law. What you do with the information in this article is your responsibility.

Do you know any other torrent search engines not mentioned here? Other torrent websites that you have found reliable and which are worth visiting? Tell us about them below if you wish.

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