The First-Ever Crime Committed in The Space: NASA is Investigating Case

Those days have gone now when we were seeing crimes being committed on earth only, the crime has reached beyond the earth. The US space agency NASA is currently investigating the first crime which has been committed in the space. NASA is doing this after the allegation of a crime in space.

The crime reported to NASA is that an astronaut has accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse from the International Space Station.

According to the New York Times reports, Anne McClain who is the accused astronaut has accepted that she accessed her spouse bank account from the ISS. She did this when she was getting trained in space for NASA's first-ever female spacewalk.

Her estranged spouse, Summer Worden who is a former Air Force intelligence officer filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. After the complaint, Ms Anne McClain was called back to the earth for further proceeding of the case.

Ms Anne McClan's lawyer told the New York Times that she checked her spouse bank account to find out that the family's finances were stable or not and if there exists enough money to pay bills and take care of their son.

Her lawyer said, "She strenuously denies that she did anything improper", Rusty Hardin adds to this that Ms McClain was "totally co-operating".

Working of Laws in Space?

There is an involvement of five national or international space agencies in the International Space Station. These space agencies are from the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, and several other countries. They altogether have framed a legal framework or laws which must be followed by any people and possessions residing in the space.

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According to the space laws, if people from Japan commits a crime in space then will be treated according to the Japanese rules and the same happens with the people of the rest countries.

There is also an inclusion of a provision of extraditing an astronaut back to the earth in the space laws. This means that a nation can extradite an accused astronaut of another country who has been accused of a crime in space.

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