MacBook Pro highlight the improvements in thermal management scaled
MacBook Pro highlight the improvements in thermal management scaled

A lot of press attention, bloggers and specialized sites have been dedicated to the scissor mechanism keyboard of the new MacBook Pro 16 “. Of particular note in this computer is not only the keyboard but also the design with thermal management.

Apple explains that the 16-inch MacBook Pro uses “the most advanced thermal architecture ever introduced on a Mac notebook” to allow the system to operate at a higher power level for extended periods of time. The fan design integrates a larger-sized impeller with larger blades and air intakes, allowing an increase in airflow of 28%. Even the heat sink is 35% larger, for better heat dissipation. These innovations improve cooling capacity and allow the MacBook Pro 16 ″ to withstand up to 12 Watts more during more intense workloads than the previous design.

YouTuber Dave Lee released a video to highlight improvements in thermal and graphics management and the MacBook Pro 16 “. After the introduction of last year’s MacBook Pro, potential ventilation problems had emerged that could lead to thermal throttling (decreased performance when the heat sink can no longer eliminate heat).

Apple seems to have solved the potential heat problems and from the tests, even better frame rates emerge with both the AMD Radeon Pro 5300M and the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M. With a game like “Shadow of Tomb Raider,” we highlight a crime frame of 49 fps with the 5500m and 42 fps with the 4300m, against the 40 fps of the Vega 20 and the 25fps of the 560X.

Even in video rendering, you can see improvements and a test with Premiere Pro 2020 (a 6-minute 4K H.264 clip) is completed almost with the same minutes on both the 5300M, 5500m, and MacBook Pro machine. 15 ″ with i9 + Vega 20. Overall, according to the Youtuber, the 16 ″ MacBook Pro offers a better quality/price ratio than the previous model. Among the complaints: the absence of WiFi 6, the FaceTime HD camera at 720p instead of 1080p. Overall for Dave Lee, Apple is the best laptop built after years.

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