samsung galaxy note 9 n 1068x550
samsung galaxy note 9 n 1068x550

The Galaxy Note 9 is updated, specifically, your camera does. Samsung has begun to launch the update for the brand’s phone officially. We find a series of important improvements for the high-end camera. Among them, we have an increase in the options of the camera, in addition to the introduction of night mode in it.

The Galaxy Note 9 is updated with improvements in its camera

It is therefore an important update for the high range of the Korean brand. Because in this way you see how your camera promises an even better performance.

Samsung updates their phones

In these months we are seeing an important change by the Korean brand, in terms of updates. We are leaving with more and more updates for their phones, as is the case now with this Galaxy Note 9. In addition, it is an update similar to the one that came recently to the Galaxy S10, which has also incorporated the night mode in its camera.

The app is improved, in addition to having new functions, such as the possibility of changing the vision mode from 68 to 80 degrees. Along with the update, the April security patch has been released for the phone.

This update for the Galaxy Note 9 has already begun to be launched in some countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands. But at the moment it has not expanded throughout Europe, although it should not take too long. What do you think about this update for the high-end?

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