The game PUBG will have a Training Mode, ideal for new players


One of the games that discuss the supremacy of Fortnite is PUBG. This is a multiplatform development in which you fight with other players for short periods of time and in which there is no shortage of weapons of all kinds with which to kill your enemies. Well, there are new developments that are very interesting.

The truth is that for some time they have been giving news in this franchise to make this a more widespread development, fair and fun. One example is the release of the Lite version of PUBG, which allows devices that are not the most powerful on the market to be able to enjoy their action and always with great stability. The case is always looking for that all have their choice has been known that not much will Training Mode this title.

And, contrary to what happens in other games, this novelty will not be a simple place where you know how to shoot and recharge. In this case, I have worked hard so that users have a place where they know everything that is necessary to play well with PUBG. Thus, if you are new you will not see yourself completely overcoming in a lot of initial games.

What the PUBG Training Mode will offer

Well, as indicated in the source of information, in this new addition you can use a complete shooting range on a map expressly created for the Training Mode. But, additionally, you will enjoy other areas such as the following that we indicate: a practice with the parachute; a place to fight hand-to-hand; parkour area; driving track; and a section in which there will be different surfaces to use, as for example where there is water. So, learn from scratch and increase knowledge all that is offered in PUBG, with its different options and weapons is simple and completely as possible.

A note also that in the Training Mode Advanced options exist, such as goal settings own -similar to the game- to be clear that should be done and even or use of element additional aid as typical of maps (boxes, trees, destroyed vehicles, etc.).

When will Training Mode arrive PUBG

Well, it will be next month when this new addition of PUBG will be possible to use it by all players and reaches the different versions of the game (such as those for mobile devices or consoles). A final detail: the editor herself has confirmed that the training mode maps will be "live", so they will change with the passage of time and, therefore, will always try to respond to the needs of the players.

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