Apple Product High Price
Apple Product High Price

Credit Suisse analysts announce the problem facing Apple with a significant decline in sales which was due to the high price of its iPhone. The analysis is added to those that emerged in recent months, where Apple has been attacking from many sides for its high price policy, which was once paid, while now it is counter-productive and users now buy other products, which are always high level but not Apple.

Apple is in crisis and this is also demonstrated by the fact that in India it has lost over 30% on total sales compared to last year and reduced the price of the iPhone XR by 25% which indicates it all on the state of health of the American company, which in India sees the loss of

1 million units sold.

The significant drop is due to high prices, but also to the increase in time when people do not change their smartphone, which has reached up to 4 years, so as to increase the perception of smartphone use more prolonged over time.

In fact, according to the Credit Suisse report, the average exchange time of an iPhone has gone from 3 years to 4 years, with an increase of 25% of the time, even if users are always satisfied.

And how often do you change your smartphone?

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