The Indian State of Kerala is Saving $430 Million By Using Linux OS

The Indian State of Kerala is Saving $430 Million By Using Linux OS

Linux operating system has many advantages like better security and no obstruction in customizing the open source software. Actually, it is an open source OS. The major advantage is that this OS is free and it’s being used by the many organizations and school to save money instead of spending a lot of money in licensing software when using other OS like Windows etc.

According to a report from Financial Express, schools in Kerala are expected to save about 3000 crores by using Linux OpenSource OS for computers used for teaching purposes under a state-wide project. In 2017 reports, the news came out that Kerala is saving 300 crores each year. These reports reveal that south Indian state is putting a lot of effort in developing open source software for schools.

K Anvar Sadath who is the vice chairmen and executive director of KITE (Kerala Infrastructure & Technology for Education) in his statement said that more than 2,00,000 computers which are being made available for IT education in schools will be powered by the latest version of Linux based free OS. He also mentioned that over 1,50,000 are being trained for teaching the students using the Linux platform.

According to him, if the state has chosen proprietary application like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop etc then each PC would cost about 1.5 lakh in licensing. And when it gets multiplied by 2,00,000 computers the price reaches to 3000 cores ie 430 Million Dollars.


KITE has launched the new version of Linux based on the Ubuntu OS LTS edition named as [email protected] GNU/ Linux 18.04.

Kerala made IT a compulsory subject in 2003 and encouraged the usage of free and open source applications. The world’s largest Free and Open Source IT facility called Swatantra is here in Kerala. This facility was developed by the International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) in 2009.

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