The iPhone XS has a smaller battery than the iPhone X


A week ago that presented the new range of phones from Apple. The battery capacities of these smartphones; iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr are one of the few data that we did not know until now. Luckily, we already have the battery data of the iPhone XS, thanks to a website that has done an analysis of the phone. As you know, this model is identical to the iPhone X last year. Therefore, the capacity was expected to be similar.

The iPhone XS has a smaller battery than the iPhone X

Last year's model has a 2,716 mAh capacity battery. And this new phone should at least have a similar battery, although, to the disappointment of many, it is smaller.

The battery of the iPhone XS

In the case of the iPhone XS, it has a 2,658 mAh capacity battery. A battery somewhat smaller than last year's phone, which is surprising in part. Because the design and size are the same, so you could easily have introduced a battery with the same capacity or bigger in the device. But this has not been the case.

The reasons why Apple has introduced a smaller battery are not known. The hope is that thanks to the new processor that there is in the phones, the consumption is moderate, so that it can last the whole day, with a normal use. The firm already said that battery life had increased.

But it will be in day-to-day use when you can see if the battery of this iPhone XS is really enough. This does not seem to be the best option in this sense, but it may surprise you.

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