The Movistar eSIM will arrive at the Apple Watch at the end of March

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Better late than never. Movistar launched a few weeks ago the compatibility of the eSIM card with iPhone compatible with this type of virtual connection but left in the inkwell Apple Watch LTE causing many customers were forced to migrate to other telephone companies is to have their iPhone and its Apple Watch connected to a mobile line virtually. This wait, although it has been delayed, comes to an end as confirmed in the last hours by an employee of Movistar in a thread of an official forum of the operator.

The Movistar eSIM will be compatible with the Apple Watch from March

Almost a year the users are claiming the compatibility of the eSIM with their equipment and especially in the Apple Watch LTE and finally, an employee has put an end to these claims. As some readers have told us in one of the threads of the Movistar forum where this claim was made, one of the Community Managers has confirmed that it will arrive later this month.

This employee adds that after receiving official confirmation from his superiors he can already inform the different clients, although we still expect a specific date from Movistar to launch this eSIM for Apple Watch.

With this move from Movistar, they are at the same level as Vodafone or Orange in this aspect, which had added the eSIM for the Apple Watch several weeks ago. Finally, the Spanish market opens the door for users to use an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity without any problem. This will allow us to go out to exercise on the street or do any other activity without depending on our iPhone.

We will be pending to specify even more the date of this expansion of the eSIM card that as you know will share data of your own mobile rate being a MultiSIM service, as it happens in other telephone companies.

Leave us in the comments box what do you think of this new decision by Movistar, were you from the users who claimed it?

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