iPhone 2018 iPhone XS iPhone 9 2
iPhone 2018 iPhone XS iPhone 9 2

The new iPhones are increasingly closer to the stores and thus, from our hands. The three new models that will be announced this year, will dominate the remainder of 2018 and much of 2019. And thanks to a new filtration, we can see what the new Apple iPhones will be called.

In this year 2018, we will see in the market 3 new iPhones. Their names can give us an idea of the price, being the cheapest iPhone 9. While the iPhone X and XS Plus, they will be the most expensive models.

The last two will enjoy an AMOLED panel and the now usual, double photographic sensor. For its design, the iPhone 9, will follow the line of the iPhone 8 of 2017. What varies most is that it would integrate a notch and a front camera for essential sensors.

The design of the new iPhones

For some months, it was known that there were going to be 3 new iPhones that went on the market. Each of them would come with the Bionic A12 processor, for quality and performance. And to add to it, they would include the unlocking by facial recognition. At least this is what the rumors say.

This recent leak only allows us to ratify what was already being handled to date. iPhone Xs and XS Plus with AMOLED screen of 5.8 and 6.5 inches respectively. And an economic model from the hands of the iPhone 9, with a 6.1-inch panel.

All have a glass cover, in addition to the wireless charging way. Its main difference would be from the photographic section. Since the most economical of the new iPhone, it would have a single rear camera. Something curious about this leak Denies the existence of an iPhone X.

The price of the new iPhones?

The physical design of the iPhone 9, iPhone XS and XS Plus is well known. However, its specifications and internal configuration is still a mystery. So it is difficult to try to make an approximate price. However, some speculations and rumors, so it would start from 700 euros, to reach 1000 euros for the XS Plus.

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