The New Laser Device Can Detect Your Heartbeat From A Far Distance
The New Laser Device Can Detect Your Heartbeat From A Far Distance

The personal security and privacy of the smartphone are going to reach its top level with this new laser device. We find fingerprint, face and iris identification methods to unlock our smartphones. Out of these identification methods, fingerprint and face one can found in almost all the current smartphones.

But soon you will find another body part i.e. heart will add to the list and will help in identifying you.  A new device has been developed which can detect a person’s cardiac signature by the help of infrared laser. The developers were mainly the researchers and it was developed for the Pentagon after the request of US special forces who wants to identify people without seeing their face. This is going to be the most advanced and secured method of recognizing a person.

This device is called Jetson and the most interesting and surprising thing about this device is that it can detect a persons’ cardiac signature from a distance of 200 (219 yards) meters away. This distance can be increased by using a better laser device.

Working Of This Laser Device

This device uses laser vibrometry technology to detect the surface movements caused mainly by a hear when it beats. But this device is still in its starting phase i.e. under development and it can only work when the person wears a thin cloth and faces issues when the person is wearing a thicker cloth.

Another disadvantage of this device is that it takes up to 30 seconds to collect the data beamed from the returning laser beam. So, this device can work efficiently only when the person is standing or sitting for at least 30 seconds without any movement. And it will not work when the subject is moving as of now.

According to the researches of Jetson, this device can work with 95% accuracy under favorable conditions and can also be improved further. Coming to the application of this device, it is found to be used by the doctors to monitor the patients remotely and to stop terrorism by detecting the terrorists from their heartbeat.

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